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Honkai Star Rail: Ban Wave make players question the Game’s Security System

Avoid getting your account banned!

Honkai: Star Rail just did their first ban wave for some players that have possibly violated the terms and conditions of the game. Some players had no idea what was the cause of the ban and even blamed the new HoYoverse game’s system for banning them randomly. A Reddit post has been made about players talking about the possible reasons and causes for these account suspensions.

Reroll Accounts Getting Banned

A huge number of players have complained about their reroll accounts and some have even got their main account suspended because of “Security Risk” reasons. HoYoverse did not make an announcement about the sudden ban wave but some players that have recently made reroll accounts got these accounts suspended because of similar reasons.

A bunch of players asked for help from HoYoverse CS Support but there was no information yet if somebody successfully recovered their account from the recent ban wave. Theories have been made about the Honkai: Star Rail’s Security System about how they determine suspicious accounts and suspend them. Some people said that these reroll accounts have used an email that was recently used for rerolling and has been repeatedly binded to several accounts.

Honkai Star Rail Ban Wave
Image via Facebook

A popular Facebook Post from a certain Philippines Honkai Star Rail Group where the person who posted said that his account got banned for no particular reason. He said that he suddenly got banned even though he did not do anything wrong at all.

Some players also commented about the same issue and are discussing these things in the community. Some accounts were said to be from Buy and Sell Group which was also popular prior to the game’s release. It is highly recommended to avoid buying accounts from other people and follow the game’s terms and conditions properly to avoid these kinds of issues.

Honkai Star Rail Ban Comments
Image via HoYoverse

GamingonPhone has reached out to HoYoverse for comments on this matter and here’s what an official spokesperson responded with,

“We are taking action against those players who are against¬†Honkai: Star Rail Fair Gaming Declaration¬†to ensure a fair, responsible, and orderly gaming environment. Of course, users can always reach out to our customer service team for assistance if necessary.”

How to not to get your account banned in Honkai Star Rail

There are some ways to make HoYoverse Security System think that your account is safe and should not be banned. These are some tips to avoid getting your Honkai Star Rail Account banned:

1. Avoid binding your account to other emails

The email of your account is one of the most important pieces of information that HoYoverse needs to determine the ownership of the account. Staying on one email from the creation of your account is useful to maintain the proper account ownership and not make HoYoverse confused about sudden account changes.

2. Stick to one IP Address when playing

IP Address is also one of the ways for HoYoverse to determine the ownership and Security Safety of your account, this also means that you should always play on One IP Address and avoid using VPN and other IP Address changers. At some point, you may need to use other IP Addresses when playing but using your personal IP Address most of the time will make your account safer from getting banned.

3. Do not abuse glitches

Glitches can not be avoided in some games and Honkai Star Rail is no exception. You should always be careful when encountering glitches and not take advantage of them when given the chance. The best thing to do is to report it to HoYoverse directly in order for them to fix it as soon as possible.

4. Do not use Profile and Bio Font Color Changer

A popular post about changing the Color of the player’s profile and bio has been possible in the game by inputting special codes. The box could have HTML tags inserted into it- allowing you to do things like add strikethroughs, underlines, and even alter the color if you have the hex value.

Honkai Star Rail Phone
Image via HoYoverse

The fact that you can change properties that were not supposed to be changed is already a dangerous gamble for your account. As of now, the feature no longer works with the in-game profanity filter, as HoYoverse has warned players that were using this type of feature to avoid doing it because it is not good for Security measures.

Final Thoughts

It is important to keep your account safe from these things especially when retrieving an account from getting banned is close to impossible. Always follow the terms and conditions of the game and avoid doing illegal things like buying and selling accounts as well as massive rerolling. Always keep your account far from suspicion especially because HoYoverse is very strict when it comes to Security Measures and Account ownership verification.

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What are your thoughts about the Honkai Star Rail: Ban Wave making players question the Security System? Let us know in the comments below!

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Numpang Lewat

Rerolling account isn’t really the issue, they are getting banned because they use speedhack to speed up the unskipable dialogue and some detected account selling.

Paimon Fan Club

Then tell me… why we got ban no speed hack nor i am not selling my account still get ban? HUH? spreading lies you idiot

Arwen Everett

Funny, because I got banned in this way and don’t have any speed hacks, nor do I sell or buy accounts. I re-rolled once and put in for deletion on the first account when I liked my discounted five-star better. I didn’t even get Seele or a second five star character. I don’t do third party software, VPN, log in outside my home, or anything. I’m disabled, I don’t even go anywhere.

Please do continue speculating on how those of us being banned are doing such easily detectable naughty things. I’m more concerned with what actually happened.


I mean for u to even state all these different ways that may be used kinda makes u a No.1 suspect for using all these different methods that may have caused the ban


Ez. You created a new account to circumvent the RNG you didn’t like which makes you look like an account seller AND you’re free to play so who cares what you think AND you were trying to game the system to get something you otherwise would have paid for. Ezclap corps don’t care about your feelings only your wallet


People hardly rerolls anymore nowadays. It’s not like it’s their first gacha.

It’s usually account sellers that rerolls while using exploits to breeze thru tutorials.


Change IP address is bunk. I play mobile so my IP changes depending on what tower I’m on.


You already have a guaranteed 5 star why would you feel the need to re-roll? You deleting and signing up for a new account with the same IP address is enough cause to suspect an account purchase which are stated in the TOS.


I’m familiar with those Phillipine account selling groups. Look, they make 5000+ accounts per IP address and then sell them, they deserve the ban.

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