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Honkai: Star Rail Jiaoqiu Abilities and Gameplay Leaks: Voice Actor, Eidolons, and more

Another playable Foxian character!

The introduction of Jiaoqiu in Honkai: Star Rail has been confirmed in various sources, generating excitement among players with recent drip marketing and his reveal as the second character debuting in Version 2.4 after Yunli. Jiaoqiu, an upcoming 5-star character aligned with the Fire element of the Path of Nihility, has been officially teased, creating a buzz on Twitter. This Honkai: Star Rail Jiaoqiu abilities and gameplay leaks article delves into the latest information about his speculated kit, drawing from reliable sources for detailed insights.

Suppose you are one of the people that is eagerly anticipating Jiaoqiu’s arrival, and captivated by his striking appearance and Foxian design. We’ll also explore details about Jiaoqiu’s voice actor, abilities, and Eidolon leaks in HSR, providing insights into his unique playstyle and potential team synergies.

Who is Jiaoqiu in Honkai: Star Rail

Jiaoqiu is a Foxian healer and counselor from Xianzhou Yaoqing. Known for his cunning nature behind a friendly smile, he hails from a prestigious Alchemy Commission family. After a heartbreak, he temporarily left medicine but returned to treat General Feixiao’s “Merlin’s Claw.”

Honkai Star Rail Jiaoqiu
Image via HoYoverse

Specializing in alchemical prescriptions that use food as medicine, particularly spicy ones, he invented the “nine-squared grid” cauldron-based medicinal formula.

When is Jiaoqiu coming to Honkai: Star Rail

The official drip marketing campaign for Jiaoqiu was noticed on June 6, 2024, just weeks before the highly anticipated Honkai Star Rail 2.3 update, which introduces new characters Firefly and Jade. Although Jiaoqiu has appeared in earlier versions, this suggests he may come after the Yunli banner in the upcoming 2.4 update of Honkai Star Rail, likely during the second half of version 2.4, set for release from mid-July to early August 2024.

This schedule aligns with the usual pattern of introducing new updates and anticipated leaks, including reruns and characters from previous versions. Jiaoqiu is expected to be prominently featured during the second phase of the update as the primary character in the limited banner.

Who is Jiaoqiu’s Voice Actor in Honkai: Star Rail

Meet the talented voice actor behind Jiaoqiu, Chen Zhangtaikang in Chinese, Mark Whitten in English, Toyonaga Toshiyuki in Japanese, and Lee Jung-min in Korean.

Jiaoqiu’s Voice LanguageJiaoqiu’s Voice Actor
ChineseChen Zhangtaikang
EnglishMark Whitten
JapaneseToyonaga Toshiyuki
KoreanLee Jung-min

Toyonaga Toshiyuki, the Japanese voice actor for Jiaoqiu, has an impressive resume in the world of anime. He’s known for voicing characters like Mikado Ryugamine in Durarara!!, Yuuri Katsuki in Yuri!!! on ICE, and Hideyoshi Nagachika in Tokyo Ghoul.

Jiaoqiu Abilities in Honkai: Star Rail

Jiaoqiu’s kit revolves around dealing Fire damage, applying a debuff called Flavour to weaken enemies, and providing healing and increased Ultimate damage to allies through his Aura ability. Jiaoqiu’s abilities aren’t just about dealing Fire damage and weakening foes with the Flavour debuff as they also add a strategic touch by healing allies and boosting their Ultimate damage with his Aura ability.

This mix of offense and support makes gameplay in Honkai Star Rail dynamic and engaging. Keep an eye out for official updates to fully understand Jiaoqiu’s potential and how he can enhance your strategies.

Basic Attack

Deals Fire DMG to a single target, and has a Base Chance to apply 1 stack of Flavour to the target


Deals Fire DMG to a single target and adjacent targets, and has a Base Chance to apply 1 stack of Flavour to the targets. The Base Chance on the central target is higher. The Base Chance on the adjacent targets is equal to the chance in Basic ATK.


Applies Aura to self, lasting for some turns. Deals Fire DMG to all targets, and has a Base Chance to apply 1 stack of Flavour to the targets. The Base Chance is equal to the chance in Basic ATK. After the application, the Flavour stack of all enemy targets will be set to the maximum number of stacks of Flavour held by enemy targets. This effect ignores RES.


  • Flavor: Decrease DEF, stackable, has an upper limit. When stacking more than 1 stack, the increase in DEF reduction will be lower than the DEF reduction of the first stack.
  • Aura: The remaining duration decreases by 1 at the start of Jiaoqiu’s sturn. During Aura, at the start of every ally’s turn, this ally heals a percentage of their Max HP plus a fixed amount of HP. During Aura, all enemies take increased Ultimate DMG.
  • Extra Effect: When Jiaoqiu is on the field, all enemies will be inflicted with an unknown debuff.


After using this technique, creates a dimension. After entering battle with enemies in the dimension, will be debuffed.

Jiaoqiu Eidolons

Jiaoqiu’s Eidolon enhancements remain undisclosed as no reliable leaks have surfaced yet. These enhancements are crucial for optimizing his performance in gameplay, providing various kit upgrades that can significantly improve his character. However, without clear information on how these enhancements function, their impact remains uncertain.

Although leaks from DimBreath hint at certain details about his Eidolon, the lack of concrete information leaves much to speculation. As we eagerly await more substantial details, this section will be updated to offer a thorough examination of Jiaoqiu’s Eidolon and its potential influence on his gameplay strategies.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, looking at Jiaoqiu’s skills and the leaked information, it seems like he’ll bring a unique blend of offense and support to the game. His ability to deal Fire damage and apply the Flavour debuff suggests a potent offensive role, while his Aura ability hints at a supportive playstyle by providing healing and boosting allies’ Ultimate damage. This combination could make him a versatile and valuable asset in various team compositions.

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What are your thoughts on the Honkai: Star Rail Jiaoqiu Abilities and Gameplay Leaks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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