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Honkai: Star Rail Misha Abilities and Gameplay Leaks

Another 4-star Destruction Path character!

Misha is on the horizon for Honkai: Star Rail, as confirmed by reliable sources. This 4-star character, recently leaked, has stirred up excitement among players with teasers on the game’s official accounts, creating a buzz on Twitter. Anticipated as a 4-star character aligned with the Ice-type element on the Path of Destruction.

Players and leak-watchers are eagerly awaiting his official introduction. This sneak peek into Honkai: Star Rail Misha Abilities and Gameplay Leaks delves into his skill set and team dynamics, offering a glimpse into his unique playstyle and potential impact as a character.

Who is Misha in Honkai: Star Rail

Meet Misha, the endearing bellboy at The Reverie Hotel. With dreams of following in his grandfather’s footsteps as an intergalactic adventurer, Misha is known for his diligent work ethic and adept skills in repairing various machines.

Honkai Star Rail Misha
Image via HoYoverse

Alongside his responsibilities, he enjoys sharing interstellar rumors with guests. Eager to mature quickly, Misha looks forward to the day he can embark on his star-studded journey.

When is Misha coming in Honkai: Star Rail

A few weeks ahead of the Honkai Star Rail 1.6 update, Misha’s official drip marketing was observed on December 14th. Despite his absence from the 1.6 banners, it suggests the possibility of Misha being introduced in the upcoming 2.0 update of Honkai Star Rail, anticipated for February 7th, 2024, coinciding with the introduction of the new Penacony area. The specific phase of the update in which he’ll be included remains uncertain at this point.

Who are Misha’s Voice Actor in Honkai: Star Rail

Misha’s Chinese voice is provided by Zhixiao Liu, recognized for contributions to Yao Shen Ji and Wan Jie Xian Zong. In Japanese, Eriko Matsui, known for her roles in Blue Archive and Azur Lane, voices Misha. Bak Sin Hee, also the voice of Genshin Impact’s Yoimiya, lends her voice to Misha in Korean.

Misha’s Voice LanguageMisha’ Voice Language
ChineseZhixiao Liu
EnglishCat Protano
JapaneseEriko Matsui

Cat Protano, known for voicing Setaria in Genshin Impact and the antagonist Marie Anto in Persona 5 Tactica, is the English voice for Misha.

Misha Abilities in Honkai: Star Rail

His innate Ice affinity allows him to contribute consistent damage to enemies, complementing the team’s overall offensive strategy. Misha’s unique ability to accumulate Kinect Energy through the team’s skill point consumption potentially enhances his effectiveness in prolonged battles.

Players can find synergy with Misha by considering his role as a reliable damage dealer, leveraging his Ice affinity to create diverse team compositions, and capitalizing on strategic opportunities during gameplay.

Basic Attack

Misha’s standard attack inflicts Ice damage on the targeted enemy, the damage calculated as a percentage of Misha’s ATK.


Misha’s skill delivers Ice damage to the selected enemy based on a percentage of his ATK. Additionally, it extends to nearby enemies with an extra Ice damage component. Simultaneously, Misha gains 1 extra point of Kinect Energy.

Ultimate Skill

The Ultimate Skill deals a minor amount of Ice damage to a single enemy, bouncing a certain number of times. For each bounce, there are additional hits based on the Kinect Energy points available. Every instance of damage from the Ultimate Skill boosts Misha’s Ice damage by a certain percentage until the skill concludes. Kinect Energy points reset to zero after the Ultimate Skill concludes.


Whenever the team consumes Skill Points, Misha accumulates 1 Kinect Energy Point, with a limit of a specified number of points. When the Kinect Energy Points surpass a certain threshold, Misha’s Ice Penetration increases by a specified percentage.

Honkai Star Rail Misha Model
Image via HoYoverse


Misha acquired 1 Kinect Energy point through his technique.

Final Thoughts

In the realm of Honkai: Star Rail, Misha’s leaked abilities and gameplay hints unveil a character poised to make a notable impact. With a focus on Ice damage and the unique mechanic of accumulating Kinect Energy, Misha brings versatility to team dynamics.

The glimpses into his gameplay suggest a balance of offense and strategic resource management. As players look forward to his official release, Misha’s potential to contribute consistently in battles hints at a promising future for upcoming 4-star characters.

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