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Honkai: Star Rail Twitch Stream Incentive Program is offering 7000 Stellar Jades and 6000 USD as rewards

Stream the game and earn big rewards!

The eagerly anticipated Twitch Live Stream Incentive Program in Honkai: Star Rail allows players to earn rewards by streaming the game, following a trend set by Genshin Impact where players could receive Primogems for streaming and hitting specific milestones in certain streaming durations. Throughout this event, players can stream Honkai: Star Rail and take part in the Twitch Streamer Incentive Program to earn a bunch of valuable rewards.

Honkai: Star Rail Twitch Streamer Incentive requirements and dates

Event Period: 2024/03/07 – 2024/04/17

Live Stream Phase (March 27 – April 17)

During this phase, players can participate by streaming Honkai: Star Rail on Twitch. They have the opportunity to earn rewards based on their streaming activity, such as reaching specific milestones and maintaining a certain streaming duration. This phase is all about engaging with the game’s community and showcasing gameplay on Twitch.

Announcement & Info Collection (April 24 – May 5)

The organizers will collect information and review the streams that took place during the event. They will announce the eligible participants and provide details about the rewards players can expect based on their streaming performance. This phase ensures transparency and fairness in determining the reward distribution.

Honkai Star Rail Twitch live stream
Image via HoYoverse

Delivering Ranking Rewards (May 15 – June 28)

The rewards earned by players during the Live Stream Phase will be distributed. These rewards may include in-game items, currency, or other valuable resources. This phase marks the culmination of the event, as players receive their well-deserved prizes for their active participation in streaming Honkai: Star Rail on Twitch.

This event timeline provides a comprehensive overview of the different phases, allowing players to understand when they can participate, how winners will be determined, and when they can expect to receive their rewards.

How to Stream in Honkai: Star Rail

The official HoYoLAB post for Honkai: Star Rail Twitch Incentive Program provides valuable insights and answers to frequently asked questions, serving as a comprehensive resource for participants. It offers a detailed overview of the program, including participation guidelines, reward categories, and other essential details that players and streamers need to make the most of this exciting event.

  • Login to the Official Event Site: Visit the official event website for Honkai: Star Rail’s Twitch Stream Event. Log in with your HoYoverse account. If you don’t have one, create an account on their platform.
  • Link Your Twitch Account: Navigate to the account settings or event-related settings section. Find the option to link your Twitch account with your HoYoverse account.
Honkai Star Rail How to stream
Image via HoYoverse
  • Prepare Your Streaming Setup: Set up your streaming software. Configure your microphone and camera (if desired). Optimize your game settings for streaming.
  • Start Streaming on Twitch: Launch Honkai: Star Rail. Begin your Twitch stream using your preferred streaming software. Ensure your gameplay is visible, and your audience can hear you clearly.
  • Engage with Viewers: Interact with your viewers during the stream. Answer questions and engage with the Honkai: Star Rail community.
  • Achieve Milestones and Goals: Work towards the milestones and goals set by the Twitch Streamer Incentive Program. This may include streaming for a certain duration, reaching a specific number of viewers, or achieving in-game accomplishments.
  • Wrap Up Your Stream: Properly end the broadcast on Twitch. Thank your viewers for joining and inform them about any upcoming streams.

To link Honkai: Star Rail to Twitch, log in to your HoYoverse account on the official website, then scroll down to locate the Twitch Stream Incentive Program.

Honkai Star Rail Twitch Link
Image via HoYoverse

Look for the “Stream Now” option and you will be redirected to the Official Twitch Website to connect your Twitch account. Once linked, you can start streaming the game on Twitch and engage with your audience.

Honkai: Star Rail Twitch Stream Incentive Rewards

Within the event, there are several distinct reward categories, and each of these categories comes with its own specific prerequisites that participants need to meet in order to receive the corresponding rewards. This structure allows players to engage with the event in various ways and earn different types of prizes based on their activities and achievements during the event period.

Honkai Star Rail Twitch Stream Rewards
Image via HoYoverse

Daily Rewards

  • Refined Aether x5
  • Traveler’s Guide x6
  • 11,111 Credits

Live Stream Duration Milestone

Stellar Jade x360Live stream for 3 days in total
Stellar Jade x660Live stream for 5 days in total
Stellar Jade x960Live stream for 7 days in total
Stellar Jade x1000Live stream for 14 days in total
Stellar Jade x1000Live stream for 21 days in total

Watch Duration Milestone

Lost Crystal x6The stream was watched for 5,000 minutes in total
Stellar Jade x360The stream was watched for 10,000 minutes total
Stellar Jade x660The stream was watched for 30,000 minutes total
Stellar Jade x1000The stream was watched for 50,000 minutes total
Stellar Jade x1000The stream was watched for 100,000 minutes total

Streamer Leaderboard USD and Stellar Jade Rewards

RankingUSDStellar Jade
No. 1$60006000
No. 2$40003000
No. 3$30003000
No. 4-5$20003000
No. 6-20$5001500
No. 21-50$3001000
No. 51-100$200800
No. 101-200$100600

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Honkai: Star Rail Twitch Incentive Program offers an exciting opportunity for players to engage with the game’s community, showcase their gameplay on Twitch, and earn enticing rewards. With daily rewards, live stream duration milestones, and watch duration milestones, there are multiple avenues for participants to earn prizes based on their activity.

Additionally, the inclusion of a streamer leaderboard with the potential for cash prizes provides a competitive edge to the event. This program not only encourages players to immerse themselves in the world of Honkai: Star Rail but also fosters a vibrant and interactive streaming community around the game.

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What are your thoughts about the Honkai: Star Rail Twitch Stream Incentive Program? Let us know in the comments below!

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