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Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.0 leaks and banner lineup

Leaks and roadmap for future versions!

Honkai: Star Rail is about to release Version 1.4, which will introduce new five-star character banners, Jingliu and Topaz, as well as four-star Guinaifen. Additionally, there have been recent leaks about Version 2.0 and the characters that will be featured in upcoming banners. In this article, we’ll share exciting news and insights about future updates from Version 1.5 to Version 2.0.

The latest leak for Honkai: Star Rail revealed the rumored lineup for Version 2.0. A well-known leaker, Inimah, also known as hsr_stuff2, shared on Twitter via Stepleaker that this upcoming banner will supposedly include banners for Version 1.5, and 1.6, and then lead to a significant Version 2.0 update. This leak also hinted at the addition of Sam as a boss, an unreleased character from the Stellaron Hunters in Honkai: Star Rail.

Honkai: Star Rail version 1.5 banner leaks

In version 1.5 of the game, the character banner introduces three exciting additions to the roster. First up is HuoHuo, a formidable 5-star character wielding the power of the Wind element. HuoHuo’s presence is a refreshing breeze of versatility to any team. With the Path of Abundance, HuoHuo is expected to become a cornerstone of your squad, bringing Wind’s dynamic attributes into the fray.

Honkai Star Rail version 1.5 banner
Image via HoYoverse

Next, we have Argenti, another 5-star character, specializing in the Physical element. Argenti’s strength lies in their destructive AoE attacks, as symbolized by the Path of Erudition. Expect Argenti to be a powerful force on the battlefield, delivering devastating physical attacks that can be a game-changer in challenging encounters.

Completing this banner lineup is Hanya, a 4-star character also specializing in Physical elements. Hanya is expected to bring great support as a Path of Harmony, offering synergies that can greatly enhance your overall combat strategy. As a 4-star character, Hanya may be more accessible to acquire, making them a valuable addition to your roster as you aim for balance and effectiveness in your party composition.

Honkai: Star Rail version 1.6 banner leaks

In the highly anticipated version 1.6 of Honkai Star Rail, two remarkable characters are leaked to make their debut. First on the list is Ruan Mei, a five-star character hailing from the Harmony Path and harnessing the chilling power of the Ice element. According to leaks and rumors circulating within the community, Ruan Mei could very well be the first five-star Harmony character introduced after the beloved Bronya.

Honkai Star Rail Ruan Mei and Herta
Image via HoYoverse

As confirmed by reliable leakers, Dr. Ratio is set to be a five-star character wielding the Imaginary element, with the Path of the Hunt. Dr. Ratio is expected to deliver a mysterious and potent set of skills that will keep players intrigued. Dr. Ratio already has an edgy and mysterious appearance and players can’t wait to know more about his overall skill set and characteristics.

Honkai: Star Rail version 2.0 banner leaks

First in the lineup is Hanabi, a 5-star character. Hanabi is a Quantum element character with the Path of The Harmony. Hanabi is expected to be a strong addition to Quantum-type team compositions. As a 5-star character, Hanabi’s arrival is sure to captivate players, especially those that like to use meta characters as the Quantum-type element is extremely dominant at the moment.

Honkai Star Rail Black Swan
Image via HoYoverse

Following closely is Black Swan, another 5-star character with the Wind element and Path of Nihility, Black Swan’s playstyle is expected to provide a strong debuff and defense reduction. Nihility characters are often versatile, making Black Swan a formidable addition to any team.

Completing this banner is Misha, a 4-star character with the Ice element and Path of Destruction. While she may be a 4-star character, her Ice element may be a strong edge to make her valuable in the future.

Honkai: Star Rail Sam Boss for version 2.0

In the upcoming version 2.0 of Honkai: Star Rail, players can look forward to a captivating addition to the game’s storyline and challenges with the enigmatic Stellaron Hunter member, Sam. Leaks have hinted at Sam’s imminent debut, both as a playable character and as a formidable boss, setting the stage for a significant development in the game’s overarching narrative.

Honkai Star Rail Sam
Image via HoYoverse

As a playable character, Sam holds the coveted status of a 5-star Fire-type element character. His alignment with the Path of Destruction underscores his potential for unleashing devastating attacks and scorching abilities on the battlefield. He is also slated to appear as a boss in version 2.0, marking a pivotal moment in the game’s storyline.

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