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Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.3 Banner Order leaks, characters, and more

Who are you going to pull for?

As we eagerly await Version 2.3 of Honkai: Star Rail, Version 2.2 is scheduled for release on May 8th, 2024. This will introduce fresh characters from the latest region, including Robin and Boothill. This preview of the Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.3 Banner order unveils the upcoming release of teased characters after the version 2.2 update and provides insights into their potential gameplay styles.

Anticipation is building with teasers and sneak peeks from HoYoverse, complemented by leaks surfacing on platforms like Twitter and Reddit through reliable sources. These unofficial revelations offer an intriguing glimpse into the forthcoming update, outlining the sequence in which new characters will debut. Additionally, you can explore the latest Robin Build Guide showcasing her distinctive light cone.

Firefly is the first banner for version 2.3 in Honkai: Star Rail

The upcoming Firefly banner marks the beginning of Version 2.3 in Honkai: Star Rail, a highly anticipated update for players. Expected to launch sometime between mid to late June 2024, Firefly is unveiled as the persona of Stellaron Hunter Sam, a robotic entity that Firefly controls. She is a Fire element character following the Destruction Path in Honkai: Star Rail, dealing area-of-effect damage with quick strikes alongside Sam.

Honkai Star Rail Firefly
Image via HoYoverse

Her ultimate ability transforms her into a formidable mech for powerful attacks, while her unique talent enhances damage output during a specific state. Fans are eagerly awaiting Firefly’s arrival and the new dynamics she brings to the game.

Jade is the second banner for version 2.3 in Honkai: Star Rail

Jade steps into the spotlight as the second banner in Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.3, expected to grace the game from early to mid-July 2024. Her presence has been hinted at in story dialogues involving Topaz and Aventurine. Jade brings a strategic playstyle to Honkai: Star Rail, focusing on supporting allies and inflicting Quantum damage on foes.

Honkai Star Rail Jade
Image via HoYoverse

Her Nephrite skill not only enhances an ally’s attack and speed but also grants Jade additional damage-dealing capabilities. Additionally, she accumulates Credits from enemy attacks, utilizing them to execute potent follow-up assaults. Fans are eager to experience Jade’s unique abilities and how she will impact gameplay dynamics in the upcoming update.

Final Thoughts

The upcoming Version 2.3 in Honkai: Star Rail brings exciting additions to the game. Firefly’s arrival promises intense Fire element battles alongside her robotic companion, Sam. Meanwhile, Jade’s strategic support skills and Quantum damage capabilities offer a refreshing gameplay experience. You can look forward to diverse playstyles and engaging dynamics with these new banners in Version 2.3.

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