Honor of Kings introduces English Language pack

Starting into season 18, Honor of Kings finally brings an option for non-Chinese players to enjoy their MOBA more conveniently. Players will be able to change the language to English in their Honor of Kings settings from now on. And even though not everything will be translated 1 to 1, it adds a lot of clarity for players abroad.

What is Honor of Kings?

Honor of Kings got released in November 2015, playable on both Android and iOS devices. Translated from Wangzhe Rongyao, it’s also known as Kings of Glory.

However, the game remains exclusive to the Chinese market until now. Instead of a global launch, 2 years later Tencent released Arena of Valor as westernized adaption.

For reference, Honor of Kings made over $1 billion in just one month last year. It also saw up to 92 million active users per day. Considering it’s not even available globally, HoK still holds on to the top spots of the Chinese mobile gaming market in terms of player numbers and revenue. For whatever reason, Arena of Valor couldn’t quite match HoK’s success.

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Honor of Kings: The Basics

Similar to other MOBAs, Honor of Kings’s classic game mode features 3 lanes with jungle areas and a river in-between. You team up with 4 other players and try to destroy the enemy team’s base in order to claim victory.

Honor of Kings English
Hero menu: Yang Guifei shares many similarities with AoV’s Sephera

In order to do so, you have to destroy at least 3 turrets in a single lane as well as the respective inhibitor. This will break open the enemy’s core. Usually, players will start in different lanes at the beginning of the game to farm gold/ experience from killing minions. As the game progresses the champions level up and get access to powerful items. Mid to late game teams will group up and fight over turrets and different neutral objectives (monsters) on the map.

Most Heroes have access to 3 active abilities and one passive while each Hero has a unique kit and playstyle. There are 6 different classes as of now that roughly divide Heroes depending on what they’re specializing in.

English Language pack

Now that Tencent finally introduces language options for non-Chinese speaking players, the game is going to be a lot more approachable for the western audience. While it was definitely doable to play, especially for AoV players, it’s arguably far from ideal not to understand anything outside of the actual gameplay.

Even though the English Language pack won’t fix ping issues for western players, it makes Honor of Kings much more intuitive.

So, have you played Honor of Kings before? Would you like to see more content for the Chinese version of Arena of Valor? Make sure to tell us your opinion in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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Thank you.
It’s 2022 and I can’t find something like the photo below in my game so I can change the game language
Can you please help me?

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