Rise of Cultures Iberian Era Dawns update brings new storylines, upgrades, and more

Explore the Iberian Era!

Rise of Cultures, the immensely popular city-building game from InnoGames is based on the actual historical growth of ancient civilizations, and the Iberian Era Dawns update is tailored especially for devoted Players who have already scaled numerous branches of their Research Trees. On November 9, 2022, the new era will begin.

Complete the Feudal Age to unlock the Castillos in Rise of Cultures

Rise of Cultures Iberian Era Dawns update
Image via InnoGames

After completing the Feudal Age, players can unlock Castillos, giving them access to the interesting High Middle Ages, which mark the beginning of the Iberian Era. Europe and the Mediterranean experienced expanding populations, and economic, political, and social change beginning about the year 1000, as well as the advent of several well-known historical figures.

Iberian Era Dawns update brings upgrades to the city structures, new items, and storylines

In addition to some helpful advancements to military forces, this new age includes updates to the Players’ current city structures. Light infantry (Almogavars), Crossbowmen, Spanish horsemen (Jinetes), heavy infantry from the Order of Calatrava (the oldest military and religious Order in Spain), and a more sophisticated Trebuchet design can all increase the strength of an attack.

Doors, Wax Seals, and Saffron are among the new items and upgrades that are available to players who unlocked The Workshops in the Byzantine Era and then improved them in the Age of the Franks and the Feudal Age.

The Iberian Era, however, is not just about improvements; Felix is also delivering fresh narratives and grand historical journeys. Leif Erikson, the legendary Viking explorer, and adventurer agrees to train Players and bring the Viking saga to an epic conclusion, but it all begins with a donkey bite.

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