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Identity V: NetEase released Season 20 Essence 1 featuring Winter Sports themed rewards

On a snow-covered island, a chasing game is in full swing in Identity V. NetEase’s first 1V4 asymmetrical RPG mobile game Identity V has launched its new winter sports-themed Season 20 Essence 1 on February 17th, 2022. In this new season, Forward – Speed Skating (S costume), Perfumer – Figure Skating (A costume), and The Breaking Wheel – Gelato (A costume) are going to make their appearance in the game.

Under the influence of world-renowned Winter Sports, countless people are impressed by the charms available for them. For those who can’t make it to the venue and cheer for athletes in person, you can get winter sports-themed essence costumes of the season in the new season of Identity Ⅴ and embark on the deduction journey.

Players will get to do Speed Skating with No Limits in this new season

Identity V Season 20 Essence 1
Speed Skating in Identity V (Image via NetEase)

Speed skating is a sport that races on the ice with an ice skate blade. Forward, with excellent athletic talent, can always get to the finish line faster than others. He chases with the cold wind, eyes on the final line, and runs on the smooth ice. His vigorous figure is remembered just like a portrait. Forward is the future star of Speed skating, who demonstrates Fast and Furious.

Identity V Season 20 Essence 1
Figure Skating in Identity V (Image via NetEase)

Moving further, dance elegantly on the ice to the music, and this is the beautiful and elegant Figure Skating that impresses countless people. Similarly, the sentimental Perfumer is the perfect one who knows how to dance. On the vast ice, wearing a silver dress, she is like an elf piled with snow and ice, spinning, jumping, and flying until the end of the song with a perfect curtain call.

Cute Rolling Snowman Gelato is the mascot of this new season in Identity V

Identity V Season 20 Essence 1
Identity V Season 20 Essence 1 mascot (Image via NetEase)

The Breaking Wheel, who is good at performing, puts on an overcoat and top hat and rolls out snowballs with different expressions on the ice and snow, decorated with baby carrots. This new mascot is a little bit Spooky but also comes with cute new masks! After seeing this, every player will want to come to the snow ground and build their own snowman Gelato!

Are you excited about the new rewards in Identity V Season 20 Essence 1 now available on Android and iOS devices? Let us know in the comments below.

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