Idle-adventure rhythm game Maika Fantasia to shut down in January 2024

A complete failure in the industry!

Developer EISYS, INC. announced that its idle-adventure rhythm title Maika Fantasia is going to shut down all the servers in January 2024. Failing to get traction in the market, has led the game to close its run only after a year and a half of its official release. After the 22nd of January 2024, the game will be lifted from the app stores and will no longer be available. The title showed very poor performance and could gather a low number of players.

Earlier, another Japanese title based on the ONE PIECE IP by Bandai Namco also announced its closing in January 2024. It is common to watch Japanese titles dying regularly. Maika Fantasia is just another example of it.

In-game purchases are no longer available, existing currencies can be used before the shutdown

With the official announcement on the game’s official website and several social media handles, it thanked everyone who enjoyed the journey with the title. “This decision was made after taking into account a variety of factors, and it was a very frustrating and painful decision for all members of the management team,” it said.

In-app purchases are no longer available from now on and players can spend the in-game currencies before the shutdown date. Items such as Paid Rainbow Lotus Stones, Monthly Passports, and Various Item Packs discontinued their sales on the 24th of November.

Poorly developed game with attention to care has led Maika Fantasia to shutdown

Several issues were going on with the game’s performance and response while interacting in-game. One of the occurrences hit the game very hard when a bug appeared that double and single taps were not registering. This made the game so much more frustrating for the players and unplayable as well. The developer didn’t bother with this issue for more than a month and subsequently fixed it with an update.

Maika Fantasia shut down January 2024, Maika Fantasia game feature
Image via EISYS, Inc.

A Reddit thread that posted about the game’s closing had fans raging out on the shutdown of Maika Fantasia in January 2024. One comment seems so hateful towards the game and pointed out a lot of obstacles and weird things that were in the title.

These include amateur voice artists, generic user interfaces, color alterations on the same characters but presenting them as others, and many more. Following all these issues, the game barely generates a decent number of players. Even the release on iOS sparked the rage. The iOS version came about a year later while the iOS devices dominated the Japanese market.

The game had earlier planned to be released on PC before its untimely demise

Japan-based developer EISYS, Inc. developed and published the title in Japan exclusively in 2022. The Android version was out in the initial stage and the iOS version came about a year later. However, the game was planned to be released on PC platforms as well. As planned to shut down in January 2024, Maika Fantasia will not see any light after.

The game gained very poor reviews both on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Only 2.6 on the App Store and it crossed barely a thousand downloads in the Play Store. Not only this, the title collected a bit over $4,000 in its whole run. A total failure in every aspect made the game no longer “justified” to continue.

What are your thoughts about the Idle-adventure rhythm game Maika Fantasia being shut down in January 2024? Let us know in the comments below!

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