Infinite Lagrange launches its first Pilot Server themed Exploring the Unknown, Pioneering the Future

Explore the unknown and pioneer the future!

Today, on March 22, Infinite Lagrange has launched its Pilot Server, a test server created specifically for Explorers. Based on the independent settings, this server will be available to Explorers periodically for version updates.

To create a more expansive and varied future for our galaxy, Explorers will be able to preview new game content on this server. They could provide the official team with ideas and feedback on improvements. Infinite Lagrange will launch a series of events this March under the theme; Exploring the Unknown, Pioneering the Future.[0]=AZVtJXsLF1NZvtCLam5A20NgCXX9kVPPHZMXSf7wsTvqN6sQ_SmIEizQUc9L81SYJeeXhM0B0wK5GJQN8AOAa7uPexVWLY6EKJsv1i4G-KvxiIwiJUlCAHsdWz5lxk7fUdzMHwLTe417empqQZPdpcWJTDG_Q3SGT0fj_zOaEsopzqXoMS1cKVSv_aRdsO3I6PY&tn=%2CO%2CP-R

The Pilot Server brings new Anti-Aircraft Weapon Mechanism and other new features in Infinite Lagrange

The new anti-aircraft weapon combat mechanism and Super Capital Ship balancing adjustment will be tried out first in the Pilot Server because future updates will affect the overall strategy and balance of the game. To further enhance the ability of anti-aircraft weapons to lock on to enemies and deal damage, the new anti-aircraft mechanism adds an Early Warning Efficiency mechanism.

To ensure that each Super Capital Ship has its distinctive position in fleets, the Super Capital Ship balancing adjustment makes precise adjustments to each ship’s weapons depending on its role.

Infinite Lagrange Pilot Server
Image via NetEase

Explorers who are qualified to use the Pilot Server will have early access to new game content. Explorers will skip the early-game exploration phase, and all buildings will be completely upgraded on the Pilot Server. This will allow them to experience new material more thoroughly and effectively. Infinite Lagrange will simultaneously offer a variety of extra resource support to assist Explorers on their interstellar voyage on the Pilot Server.

Infinite Lagrange aims to provide a more immersive atmosphere for Explorers to experience the Pilot Server through several unique targeted settings. Additionally, it is anticipated that Explorers will offer insightful feedback for upcoming upgrades. Exploring the Lagrange Network with Explorers, the official team will further optimize and develop the game based on their suggestions and ideas.

Players can register for the Pilot Server and get rewards for participating and feedback

To be qualified to use the Pilot Server, Explorers must apply for the recruitment. On March 17, the pertinent hiring process formally kicked off. Through the in-game enrollment portal, any Explorer may request to join the Pilot Server. Infinite Lagrange will thoroughly review and screen Explorers following their strengths after the recruitment period concludes on March 29. Outstanding Explorers who are shortlisted will be able to use the Pilot Server.

Infinite Lagrange Pilot Server
Image via NetEase

The Explorers will obtain rewards for all their work. To honor Explorers for their insightful feedback and active participation, Infinite Lagrange will provide fantastic official merch. Explorers who join the Pilot Server will not only receive fantastic rewards but also have the opportunity to experience significant updates of upcoming versions and develop new tactics beforehand. They now have a tactical edge in the quickly evolving process of star system exploration.

On March 22, the first Pilot Server for Infinite Lagrange has gone live. Players should register and involve themselves numerous exceptional Explorers. Let’s forge ahead and pioneer the uncharted.

What are your thoughts about the Pilot Server of Infinite Lagrange? Let us know in the comment section below!

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