Infinite Lagrange releases a new Identity Agreement system with two new identities

New Identity, New Journey!

Infinite Lagrange, a sci-fi grand space simulation game by Netease Games, has added a new system called Identity Agreement in the game. New galaxies are being lit up and joining the Lagrange network in the realm of Infinite Lagrange as more explorers embark on their journey. Explorers will pick their own identities on their quest as they are invited by more and more Galactic Factions.

All signatory explorers to the Node Recovery Agreement, Trojite Crystal Mining Agreement, or Data Rescue Agreement can now sign two additional identities known as Prospector and Neutrals.

Infinite Lagrange: The Prospector Agreement

The Hayreddin Clan issues the Prospector Agreement. This ancient Galactic Faction wishes that explorers will finish detecting the environment of the star system in which they are presently stationed, collect essential data, and become adventurers in exploring galaxies’ environmental riches.

Prospector Agreement
Image via NetEase Games

Explorers are obligated by the Prospector Agreement to complete the detection of the environment of the star system in which they are currently located, collect critical data, and light up new Lagrange Network nodes. The Hayreddin Clan will keep track of data gathered during each Prospector’s cosmic exploration and compile a special prospecting report at the conclusion.

The Prospector can gain temporary access to the facility’s blueprint, develop a higher level of Prospecting Tech Research Center, collect Planetary data, and discover Lagrange points with Hayreddin’s technical assistance. Meanwhile, Prospector can find hidden reserves and acquire more trojite crystals and data from resource nodes to aid their Union to achieve a strategic advantage in the star system development rating.

Infinite Lagrange: Neutrals’ Agreement

The Jupiter Industries Cooperation Support Department will assist signatories to the Neutrals’ Agreement. The top-tier fleet design and manufacturing firm aspire to become the Lagrange Network’s only diplomats, bridging the gap between Privateers and the Galactic Faction.

Jupiter Industries
Image via NetEase Games

This Identity Agreement is meant to appeal to Privateers’ desire for peace and to provide intra-system assistance in restoring Privateers’ normal Faction status. Explorers who accepted the Neutrality Agreement should maintain constant touch with the Privateers in order to gain awards in the Galactic settlement based on points earned from their cooperation.

Jupiter Industries’ Cooperation Support Department will provide Neutral fleets with temporary authorization of the facility blueprint and special encrypted communication technology, allowing them to work with Privateers in a more secure and covert manner. The Neutrals must complete the Privateers’ allotted chores and requests, as well as assist them in upgrading building levels, in order to gain cooperation points and the support of the Privateers.

Neutrals Agreement
Image via NetEase Games

To help their Union achieve a strategic advantage in the solar system, the Neutrals can trade resources with some Privateer Outposts or purchase trojite crystals and data from Privateer Outposts for Cooperation Points.

The new Identity Agreement brings another exciting journey

Explorers are never satisfied with their attempts to recreate the Lagrange network’s grandeur. The new Identity Agreement will take them on yet another difficult cosmic voyage. The future Lagrange network is uncertain because of a complicated and changing Galactic Faction, as well as a new galaxy full of unknown possibilities. Numerous factions and fresh agreements await explorers to record a new chapter in history.

Are you excited about the new Identity Agreement in Infinite Lagrange? Let us know in the comments below!

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