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Justice Online Mobile: NetEase is bringing its popular MMO to mobile

Another beautiful MMORPG in the making

Netease Games has released demo footage of its popular MMO titled Justice Online which is rumored to start testing on the mobile platform in August. The upcoming Justice Online for mobile is adapted from the PC version which is a high-end MMO and has garnered quite a success ever since its release. The showcased footage demonstrated beautiful locations of the upcoming game on mobile devices while also displaying the intense graphic capabilities on recent high-end mobile devices. 

Delve into a beautifully crafted MMO with Justice Online

Justice Online is an incredibly gorgeous MMORPG and is arguably the most impressive looking wuxia-themed Chinese MMORPG so far and if ever does manage to make its way to the western market, it’ll meet players who will play the game for hours on end. The game introduces a massive open world that allows players to explore an extensive open world and gaze at the buildings, streets, mountains, and trees. During a quest, players can also catch a glimpse at everything the game has to offer in its large open-world environments.

Apart from the impressive open world, the game has raids, dungeons, side quests, and several interesting PvP modes that players can participate in with other players as well. Justice Online also utilizes fantastic wuxia-themed combat that is immensely beautiful just to look at. For some, the game combat system might just be the best they’ve seen in an MMO title to date that joins tab-target and action combat.

Justice Online Mobile release date

It is expected that Netease will bring most or all of the PC features in Justice Online to mobile as well. From the trailer, it looks really good and we cannot wait to get our hands on this game. Justice Online rumored to start a test on the mobile platform in August 2021. However, the actual global release date is still unknown.

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