KartRider: Drift Season 3 Catch Me If You Can brings a new game mode, tracks, characters, and more

Experience summer thrills with all-new tropical tracks and colorful characters!

The casual kart racing video game KartRider: Drift‘s publisher and developer, Nexon, and Nitro Studios are excited to announce the start of Season 3, which will bring summertime feelings to a well-known resort. Are you prepared for brand-new tracks, characters, and high-octane game mode in KartRider: Drift Season 3: Catch Me If You Can.

In Season 3: Catch Me If You Can, racers can look forward to five new tracks, four new characters, a new game mode – Flag Mode, limited-time events and quality-of-life changes.

Experience thrilling races on most famous beaches in KartRider: Drift Season 3

The season of “Catch Me If You Can” is a wonderful summer paradise that gives access to a variety of stunning new places. What better theme for the summer than touring the most well-known beaches in the world? The game will add four new themed tracks:

  • World Tour: Hawaii Hula Hula
  • World Tour: Venice Gondola Tour
  • World Tour: SF Seaplane Base
  • World Tour: Miami Drive
  • Glacier: 360 Tower
KartRider: Drift Season 3
Image via Nexon

Mobi, Toto, Lena, and Martin are among the new characters that the publication is thrilled to introduce as the faces of Season 3. New KartRider: Drift characters can be unlocked by players as event rewards in addition to the free and Premium Racing Pass tiers. Producer Tim Novak also offered some teasers regarding the history of the new characters, he said, “The plot involving the Lodumani Pirates from the previous season will be tied to Mobi and Toto’s journey.”

Under Captain Lodumani, the pirates Mobi and Toto are employed. Lena is a vibrant and attractive dancer who has caught Martin’s attention, a surfer boy with a crush. By watching the S3 Pitstop Video, you can find out more about the characters, hear directly from the devs regarding S3 upgrades, and even get some special rewards.

KartRider: Drift Season 3 brings a new game-mode and other updates

A brand-new game mode is also coming to KartRider: Drift Season 3. In the thrilling competition known as Flag Mode, teams compete to capture and defend flags to score points. Protect the flag with power-ups; the new Mine item will be useful for fending off enemies.

KartRider: Drift will also receive some fresh quality-of-life enhancements this season. Users will be able to converse in the lobby and during races much more conveniently with the addition of a quick-chat feature. While they wait for matchmaking, players can now use the store and check their racing pass progress. Furthermore, “quick matching” enables gamers to carry on racing in the same lobby without having to go through the matchmaking procedure again.

Are you excited about the Season 2 World Kart Championship of KartRider: Drift? Let us know in the comment section below!

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