KartRider Rush+ Fairytale Season 6: New game modes, in-game items and more

New tracks, characters and events!

Nexon‘s KartRider Rush+ has earned a grand wave of new content in the Fairytale-themed Season 6 update. With the new update, special in-game items have been introduced with new game modes. Additionally, Nexon has also announced a collaboration with Jisoo and Line Friends. Jisoo is one of the members of the iconic Kpop group BLACKPINK.

Fairytale-themed Season 6

Players can now unlock the exclusive character of Jisoo who comes along with a Kart, designed by herself. The genius magician Tiera, Royal Lodumani can now step up to the starting line-up. Players can now test their rides in the never seen before majestic Beanstalk Raceway (Storybook) track.

Introduction of new ‘Bounty Race’

Racers can now go head-to-head in the newly introduced ‘Bounty Race’ game mode. There will be three available categories of Beginner, Elite and Master which will see them earn valuable rewards. Ranked Coins can now be redeemed for loot, which has been acquired from the game. This can be done between games at the new Ranked Shop.

New rewards are now up for grabs!

In celebration of Kart Rider Rush’s Season Six, collecting Rainbow Shards will let players redeem Tiera Codes. They come along with K-Coin and the Swan Driftmoji, which is awarded for completing races. KartRider Rush+ will also see a special “300-Day” event, which will be now underway until Sunday, April 3.

Players can now begin to collect cakes, finish ranked games, playing multiplayer races, and logging in to grab some fantastic rewards. This includes the likes of Astro Lunaris, the Cherub Cruiser, and the L-Decoder.

Are you excited for the upcoming KartRider Rush+ Season 6 update? What do you think about the introduction of the new bounty mode? Let us know in the comments below.

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