KartRider Rush+ is now available on Android and iOS devices

NEXON Company is back with their latest instalment in the KartRider franchise. Their brand new instalment titled KartRider Rush+ is now available for Android and iOS mobile devices. The franchise has over 300M players all around the world and is highly appreciated for its unique gameplay elements.


KartRider Rush+ is a free-to-play racing video game set in a 3D environment. Unlike most racing games that typically focus on players reaching the finish line before others, KartRider Rush+ takes a different approach and encourages players to collect various power-up items found on the race track.  Players can customize their character with various in-game cosmetic items such as clothes and other accessories.

They also have the option to choose from a variety of Karts, each of which can be customized with cosmetics. Players can participate in races alone or together with their friends as a Club. The higher your score is, the higher the chance of you getting features in the international KartRider Rush+ leaderboards. The game contains over 45 different race tracks, each with its own unique environmental setting and terrain.

Game Modes

KartRider Rush+ features various game modes in which you can participate in. If you’re into narratives, you can play the Story Mode which gives you more insight about the game’s characters. If you want to test how fast you can go, you can try out the Time Trial mode. For players who want to start off easy but eventually enjoy more challenge in the game, they can play the Speed Race mode which gives you more difficult tracks to race on as you progress further.

Those who actually want to try out KartRider Rush+ to its fullest can play the Arcade Mode which relies heavily on collecting items during races which gives you a boost, one way or another. As for the ones who are here for a competition, they can try out the Ranked Mode and climb up the different tiers.

Download KartRider Rush+ now

As of today, May 12, 2020, KartRider Rush+ is officially available on Android and iOS devices. You can head over to Google PlayStore or Apple App Store and get the game for free. If you have already pre-registered for the game, you’re in for a treat as NEXON Company is giving away various in-game cosmetic items in celebration of their 4 million pre-registrations.

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