KartRider Rush+ Season 11 brings the Future Factory update with new characters, tracks, carts and more

A brand new season of the hit racing game coming soon!

KartRider Rush+, the action-packed mobile racing game from publisher Nexon, is receiving its first major update of the year: Future Factory. The latest season will bring with it the highly anticipated legendary lightning-fast speed kart Beetle Dasher and leaping item kart Buzzwheeler.

Kartrider Rush+ Future Factory update: New dynamic tracks and modes.

The two dynamic tracks Trap Factory, in which players race through a frantic machine shop, and Gear Grinder, in which racers dodge enemy robots and slide through moving doors, will be included in Future Factory. Players will meet new characters such as Brodi the Factory Manager, Dr. Q, Paper Bazzi, and more. In addition, Butlerbot will be on hand to assist participants with their Home management.

In the new Mist Mode, where vision is limited and response time is critical, racers may push their driving talents to the maximum. Players will be able to test out kart prototypes in the Kart Lab. Infini-Boost will also be added to Ranked Mode, and Track Customization will be available to all racers.

New Kart in Kartrider Rush+
New Karts (Image via NEXON)

Future Factory will introduce a new item to the Item Race mode

In Item Race Mode, a new item called Super Water Fly will target the leading opponent and freeze them for a short period of time. In the following week, additional parts such as the Ion Accel Engine, Ultra Alloy Tire, Digital Steering Wheel, and Future Computer will be installed.

Everyone who logs in until January 21st will receive Brodi and shards in special quests as part of the Future Factory opening celebration. Players can receive 10x Quick L-badges and 5x Silver Gadget Starters by leveling up until January 27th.

Players who log on between now and January 21 will be able to get Brodi and gather shards in special quests to commemorate the start of the new season. By leveling up until January 27, players can get Quick L-badge10 and Silver Gear Starter5.

Are excited about the KartRider Rush+ Future Factory update? Let us know in the comments below!

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