Knight’s Edge: Lightfox Games’ debut 3v3 multiplayer mobile game is coming in September 2021

If you have been a veteran player at League of Legends: Wild Rift and Clash Royale, you are definitely going to love the epic masterpiece that is being crafted by Lightfox Games. The 3v3 multiplayer game titled, Knight’s Edge is set to release in the month of September 2021. Moreover, the game is currently under pre-registration on Google Play Store for Android devices ahead of its release next month.

Choose your weapon and take to the field in Knight’s Edge

Knight’s Edge provides you with the opportunity to outsmart the AI by playing PvE or challenge your wits against other players around the world in PvP mode. Players have to race to battle the monsters against other teams in fast 3v3 multiplayer rounds! All you need to do is to put up a fight with the opposition team to slow them down and dash your way to victory.

The game mechanics are similar to MOBA: drag to move, tap to attack, and use your special attacks and abilities to turn the tides of the battle. Deal more damage and play strategically as you unlock more new weapons and items cards from chests won from victories. Also, you can stack up enough cards to upgrade your team’s fighting capabilities. Also, you can use them to equip them with the most suitable perks. Moreover, the range of different loadouts allows you to arrange characters that make your team invincible against any strategy the enemy might pull off.

Knight's Edge game
Knight’s Edge gameplay features

The gameplay is set in a series of arenas that the player needs to clear before ascending to the next one until they reach the boss. Each arena has several loot items to collect and a set of enemies attacking and attempting to prevent your advance.

You must use your battle intuition and the best use of your special abilities to clear the enemies and advance to the next arena with minimum casualties. After the boss is defeated, the stage will be cleared and you will be rewarded with a loot chest. In the end, the very best will climb up the leaderboard and claim the title of Champion.

Currently under pre-registration for Android devices

The game is currently under pre-registration on Google Play Store for Android devices and also on the official website of Lightfox Games. This game has been currently soft released in Sweden, the Philippines, and Canada. While GamingonPhone reached out to Lightfox Games and confirmed the scheduled release timeline to be September 2021, however, an exact release date is not finalized until now. Meanwhile, if you are curious to see the actual gameplay of the game, you can check out this video.

What are your thoughts on the Knight’s Edge game announced to release soon and that it goes up for pre-registration now? Let us know in the comment section!

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80% bots but worse are the afk players.
Impossible to win at some point due to no players.

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