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Knight’s Edge x Penny Arcade collaboration brings the Acquisitions Inc Dungeon Takeover event

Enjoy a fantasy packed in-game event.

With the introduction of Acquisitions Inc.’s Dungeon Takeover of Knight’s Edge, Seattle-based game developer Lightfox Games and Penny Arcade, well-known for their renowned webcomics and PAX events, have entered into a collaboration to produce a fantasy-filled in-game event for RPG enthusiasts worldwide.

Transforming characters from Acquisitions Inc into Knight’s Edge heroes

Acquisitions Incorporated, a well-known Dungeons & Dragons podcast featuring recurring characters and plotlines, was founded in 2008. In the popular 3v3 brawler mobile game, Knight’s Edge, as part of the Dungeon Takeover, Acq. Inc. fans will be able to play as the famed character, Jim Darkmagic, a stylish wizard known for his love of doves and green flames, just in time for PAX West.

Knight’s Edge x Penny Arcade collaboration to feature weekly tournaments

Knight’s Edge will host a Weekly Tournament from August 29th to September 2nd, 2022 centered around Darkmagic’s character as part of the Dungeon Takeover, as well as a unique Save Brenda! event from Sept 3rd to Sept 7th, 2022. Players will need to employ unique staves to conquer the dungeons and free Brenda, a gorgeous bird that Darkmagic summons in the Acquire Inc. campaign. Players that save their game are rewarded with a permanent dove that they may use throughout the whole game.

On August 29th from 3 pm–5 pm PT, members of the Lightfox Games Team will join Jerry Holkins on the Penny Arcade Twitch stream to launch the events. With the promo code PAXWEST, players may take advantage of the event from August 29 through September 7 and receive the Jim Darkmagic cosmetic for free.

I’m so pleased to be working with local developers Lightfox Games on this project. Knight’s Edge is a blast to play, and they made our Acquisitions Incorporated collab look so cool in-game!

Jerry Holkins, co-founder of Penny Arcade and PAX

The partnership between Lightfox Games and Penny Arcade will go beyond this first event, and gamers will soon be able to play Omin Dran, another Acq. Inc. character, as part of PAX Unplugged in December.

Are you excited about the Knight’s Edge and Penny Arcade collaboration? Let us know in the comments below!

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