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KonoSuba: Fantastic Days x OVERLORD collaboration brings exciting events and rewards

The collaboration brings amazing rewards!

Nexon‘s free-to-play mobile RPG, the dark fantasy world of OVERLORD meets KonoSuba: Fantastic Days during the anime crossover event of the year. In an original collaboration, the stars of both successful anime series steal the show, rewarding Konofans with log-in bonuses, two new events, character recruits, panel missions, and a brand-new dungeon.

When the well-known DMMORPG Yggdrasil is shut down, Momonga, the last remaining member of the Ainz Ooal Gown guild, gets trapped inside the game as his character, a lich “OVERLORD“. Now, to escape the game and return to his world, Momonga searches Yggdrasil for any other individuals who might also be imprisoned there. Konofans can take pleasure in the ethereal journey of the characters KonoSuba and OVERLORD, as well as all original tales with fully-voiced dialogue.

KonoSuba x OVERLORD collaboration features amazing rewards with exciting in-game events

Players can obtain log-in bonuses from multiple events during the KonoSuba x OVERLORD collaboration:

  • Nazarick’s True Power! Log-In Bonus (Tuesday, Feb. 21-Monday, March 6): Players can log in daily to receive various quantities of Quartz.
  • A Gift from the Supreme Being! Log-In Bonus (Tuesday, Feb. 21-Friday, March 3): Rewards include 4★ collab weapon: Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown.
  • Praise for this Supreme Being! Log-In Bonus (Saturday, March 4-Thursday, March 23): Players can log in daily to receive Red Potions, Quartz, Stamina Beef, Skip Tickets, and a 4★ collaboration weapon: Pipette Lance.
  • A Gift from the Supreme Being! Log-In Bonus Part 2 (Saturday, March 4-Thursday, March 23): Login each of the ten days of the event and receive 10x Recruit Ticket each day.
  • Exclusive Story Events:
    • Long Live the Supreme! The Sanguine Warrioress (Tuesday, Feb. 21-Friday, March 3): Players must complete event missions to receive a 4★ Albedo (Guardian Overseer) and Exchange Emblem with a 4★ collaboration weapon: 3F.
    • Long Live the Supreme! Wise King of the Forest! (Friday, March 3-Monday, March 13): Clear event missions to receive a 3★ Ainz (Rare Item Aficionado).
  • Recruit Pulls (Tuesday, Feb. 21-Tuesday, March 14): During weekly events, Konofans can add to their party of recruits with various OVERLORD-themed recruits for Free and Paid Quartz.
  • Gold, Copper, and Adamantite Panel Missions (Tuesday, Feb. 21-Tuesday, March 14): Players who complete all Panel Missions can earn a 4★ Guaranteed Ticket, and 4★ jewelry pieces: Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown and Flag of Ainz Ooal Gown.
  • Brand new OVERLORD-themed Battle Arena and Dungeon are also available for players to tackle.

That’s all about the KonoSuba x OVERLORD collaboration event. Players can follow KonoSuba on Instagram and Twitter for the latest news and updates regarding the event!

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