Last Fortress: Underground is a new survival game now available on Android and iOS

Prepare for a unique survival experience!

Last Fortress: Underground is a daring new take on the zombie apocalypse that combines aspects of survival, horror, and life simulation and is now available on Android and iOS. A special survival experience is to be offered in Last Fortress: Underground.

A rift throws the survivors into a strange new world at the end of the prologue season, one that is polluted and infested with vicious zombies determined to exterminate everything that moves in their path. In order to make the most of what was left over from the previous season and overcome yet another difficult task, the survivors in the first season of Last Fortress: Underground titled Contaminated Land must work together with the Alliance.

Help survivors build a safe house in Last Fortress: Underground

You control a motley crew of survivors in Last Fortress: Underground as they flee a swarm of hungry zombies while trapped in a sizable underground complex. The party temporarily puts their anxiety aside and starts to explore the ancient fortress in the hopes that it may offer a safe place to live-at least temporarily. They discover something that is far more expansive than they could have ever imagined and has the capacity to support new populations and protect them from the zombie danger.

Last Fortress Underground bunker

Making a living underground requires work, and as your fledgling town grows, it attracts other survivors who have managed to make their way there. You can give them jobs like gathering resources or assisting in the production of resources necessary for survival and the town’s continuous growth after they join your band of stalwarts.

There is a lot to keep track of, but Last Fortress: Underground’s cross-sectional perspective makes it simple to manage your team. With a clear and simple layout, you can always see what’s going on in all of your facilities.

Team up with other players online to build and battle efficiently

Players can collaborate with other players online in addition to any NPC survivors their community may draw as it steadily grows. Join forces with other players to combat the darkness by forming alliances with them. Players might even be able to retake the surface with the aid of one another and any strong heroes they are fortunate enough to find along the route. Players can download Last Fortress: Underground on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store now and learn more on the official social media channels.

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