League of legends: Wild Rift to release in India soon as Riot Games picks up the publishing side in APAC

Too Little, Too Late?

League of legends: Wild Rift, Riot Games’ mobile version of the incredibly popular MOBA, might finally be making its release in India as Riot Games have chosen to end their partnership with Garena and take over publishing in South East Asia starting from January 2023. 

Riot seems to be working towards making the game available to more and more regions

When Wild Rift first released, it seems like Riot Games made a bunch of blunders as the game saw a decline in popularity after the initial hype died down. This was due to a bunch of different factors ranging from in-game issues, an unfinished state, games like Pokémon unite impinging on the MOBA player base and their incapability to make the game available in key regions. 

Image via Riot Games

India was and still is one of those regions and despite the potential it has, Riot Games weren’t able to make the game available to players in this region, missing out on the humongous player base that would have quite possibly impacted the game’s success in a good way. 

However now they seem to be working towards making the game available to more and more regions, specifically in the SEA region as stated by an official blogpost , which says “Our new structure in Asia Pacific will see us expand our efforts in countries we already publish in like Japan and India.”

Now that they are finally set to release League of legends: Wild Rift in India and other regions are good news, what’s left to be seen is whether the game actually gets anywhere and if there’s a resurgence in players. If that is not the case, then the game might just be gone for good. That being said, Riot takes over publishing from the start of next year so that’s when we can probably expect an Indian release. 

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Rudra Acharya

Wild Rift playerbase is dead in India… Early on if they could’ve managed to release it in India they could’ve still had some hope regarding gaining a major popularity… But unfortunately it’s not gonna happen… People used VPN and played it because they liked the game inspite of that Riot shut down VPN Access also… Now all Mobile Legends players have returned back to Mobile Legends… Only extremely high advertising can help Riot get some ground that too with less resource requirements…


Garena was a shit show. A company that deserves to die. Riot aint perfect but the game is perfectly playable in EUW and i hope they do as good a job in India.
RIOT should publish the game themselves everywhere

Harry poddar

Does that mean Wild Rift will also be available in Bangladesh? Most of the player base already addicted to Mobile Legends here.


I am not gonna download wild rift becouse other regions are well practiced now and even if we Indians play we will be bottom of chain


It’s alright. Low elo is especially bad in every MOBA. If you have experience in any MOBA at all. Low elo shouldn’t be tough. + It’s not a 1 combo burst kinda game like MLBB (I’m an MLBB player). I’m leaning towards Honor Of Kings release for now.


Yeah, that’s true. That’s the reason I’m not gonna play wild rift even after they released in my region. Now I’m on to honor of kings global release.

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