League of Legends: Wild Rift’s Executive Producer explains why the Global launch has been delayed

Not coming anytime soon

League of Legends: Wild Rift was anticipated as one of the biggest launches of 2020 in the mobile gaming community. The fans of the league were all super hyped by the news of their favorite MOBA game coming to mobile devices. But, recently news came in that the global launch is getting delayed and only certain regions would be enjoying the Lol Wild Rift’s open beta

Reason for delay in the global launch

Wild Rift release got delayed for Europe, North America, South America, Middle East, and India. And as expected fans from this region got agitated by the news and moreover saddened by the thought they would be kept away from their favorite game. Reacting to the backlash and trashing of their beloved fans, Riot games Executive Producer Michael Chow gave a message through Wild Rift’s official Twitter handle explaining, why the game got delayed.

The biggest reason for the delay was the ongoing pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus. This restricted the Wild Rift team to travel to different regions and complete the mandatory procedures required to set up servers in different regions.

It has become a much more complex and multi-faceted problem to bring service to your regions in particular, It does suck and we are sorry.”

Michael chow, riot games

Every different region has its unique sets of problems that could not be addressed by the Wild Rift technical teams without physically being present there and ultimately delaying the process. Chow also explained further that rushing into the global launch would not provide the solution and would not ensure the player the best experience from the game and may result in the server reset in the region.

What benefits are there for delayed regions

Michael also highlighted the issue that the new players of NA, SA, and Indian regions would face when they join the global ecosystem that late. To overcome that Michael replied, ” We are looking for cool opportunities to make that right for you.” Michael also stated that the Wild Rift team will ensure that the players of the delayed regions will get the opportunities to obtain champions in a quick manner to overcome the time gap.

Wild Rift launched the Open Beta in several regions of the world on Oct 27, 2020. The Open Beta will also be extended to Europe, Oceania, and most parts of Asia in early December.

What’s your take on as League of Legends: Wild Rift’s global launch gets delayed? Can a launch delay actually turn out as a boon for the game in the long run? Let us know in the comment section below!

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