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Life Makeover is now available globally on iOS and Android

Experiencing an interactive story and social life!

Archosaur Games is delighted to announce the captivating RPG fashion and social simulation game Life Makeover is now available globally. With a massive following of over 15 million enthusiasts worldwide, the game has successfully secured the top position among free games in China, Japan, and Singapore.

Building up to its worldwide release, Life Makeover has enraptured players with an impressive count of over 4 million pre-registrations across America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. As players have achieved various pre-registration milestones, they have unlocked a multitude of complimentary rewards, such as clothing, gacha tickets, furnishings, and numerous other enticing items.

Dive into a highly customizable virtual world in Life Makeover

The Life Makeover game immerses its players in an immersive and highly customizable virtual world. In this world, players have the freedom to create an avatar that closely resembles themselves or use their imagination to customize various attributes such as body type, eye shape and color, facial features, height, makeup, and more. Alongside designing their avatars, players also have the opportunity to design and decorate their virtual homes, allowing for a unique and personalized living space.

Life Makeover Avatar Creation
Image via Archosaur Games

The home system within the game enables players to construct their dream abode from the ground up, starting with the foundation and extending to the finest details of the decor. Whether they desire a peaceful farmhouse or an extravagant penthouse, players can personalize every element of their home’s layout and adorn each room according to their personal style and preferences. Furthermore, players can socialize with others in the game by inviting friends over or meeting new acquaintances, hosting a range of activities from calm tea parties to lively themed events.

Unleash your creativity with Life Makeover’s impressive Dress-Up System

In Life Makeover, players are given the opportunity to dress appropriately for various occasions or showcase their creative abilities through the game’s impressive dress-up system. With a wide range of outfits available, players can style their avatars in a diverse selection, spanning from elegant couture to casual vintage and everything in between. Should players find that the fashion options in the game’s wardrobe are not to their liking, they have the freedom to design their own unique pieces.

Life Makeover DIY Outfits
Image via Archosaur Games

This customization process allows players to choose elements such as fabric, cut, sewing, and print, or add embellishments to the existing outfits found within the game. Utilizing Unreal Engine 4 (UE4), players can marvel at the incredible level of detail in their creations, with even the subtlest nuances and intricacies prominently displayed. Life Makeover is available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play

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