Lost Light Christmas 2022 update brings first-person mode, brand-new Winter season and more

Exciting in-game events and brand-new Winter season debuts!

NetEase Games‘ free survival shooter game, Lost Light launches its first-person mode with the Christmas 2022 update. With the new feature, players can experience a realistic battlefield. The Christmas update is bringing exclusive skins and other rewards in the game that players may look forward to.

First-person mode will engage players in realistic and tactical battles in Lost Light

The first-person mode for Lost Light has been released today. Now that players can choose FPP or TPP according to their preferences, they can engage in more tactical and realistic warfare. The First-person Mode will increase players’ excitement and provide a more immersive experience whether they are avoiding adversaries in the pitch-black wilderness of Mt. Akiyama, looting enemies and chests in the confusing BAF Factory, or facing them directly in the enigmatic ARC Company.

Lost Light First person mode
Image via NetEase Games

Players can engage in combat and put their unique tactical approaches to the test in a variety of situations to demonstrate their strength!

The brand-new Winter season debuts in-game with the Christmas 2022 update

One of Lost Light’s distinguishing characteristics has always been the varied weather system, which gives the battlefield countless choices. The brand-new Winter Season debuts in Lost Light with the exciting Christmas 2022 update. Players must be prepared for an unexpected encounter as they sneak into the Winter Exclusion Zone, and follow enemy trails while the snow obscures their vision.

Lost Light Christmas 2022 Update
Image via NetEase Games

Players can participate in the Christmas event, gather Gingerbread, and win amazing Targeted Serum and Permanent Weapon Skin. Draw Christmas gifts to receive holiday-specific clothing, armor for weapons, backpacks, eyewear, and more. Players succeed if they sketch (prize guaranteed).

What are your thoughts about the Christmas 2022 update in Lost Light? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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