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Mafia Gangster Empire: New strategy game from a subsidiary of Take-Two is currently in early access

BluFire Cookie is a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive

For a while now, Mafia Gangster Empire, a game from Take-Two’s subsidiary BluFire Cookie Technologies has quietly been in Early Access and a lot of people don’t seem to know about it. This is despite Take-Two being a really big name when it comes to gaming across platforms, with studios like Rockstar and 2K producing popular titles which dominate the market. Mafia Gangster Empire is a strategy RPG game where you build your own criminal empire and lead your gangsters into gang wars to become the biggest crime mafia out there and be a part of PvP or PvE gameplay.

Become a well-known crime syndicate

There’s money laundering, dirty money, investment, negotiations, combat tactics, economics, bullying smaller gangs, and a lot more. The game is all about setting up relationships you can profit from. But then, at times betrayal becomes imperative so that you can stay in the business and gain the respect of your rivals and make them fear you.

The gameplay itself is similar to something like Clash of Clans where you work on your own base and then take on your opponents. There’s a good story and overall, the game looks pretty good visually too and seeks to be like something that fans of the genre would enjoy. Also, it is worth noting that many characters from Mafia 2 and Mafia 3 are present in Mafia Gangster Empire.

Mafia Gangster Empire early access
Mafia Gangster Empire

Currently, it can be downloaded through Google Play and played on Android devices. However, it is still not clear about the regions where the game is available. Take-Two hasn’t really talked a lot, if anything at all, about it. There isn’t much in the way of official announcements but since it’s in early access at this point, the release must not be too far away.

GamingonPhone has reached out to Blue Fire Cookies for further information on this game and will update the article as and when more information is shared.

What are your takeaways on BluFire’s new RPG Mafia Gangster Empire being in early access? Let us know in the comment section below!

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