Marvel SNAP 2023 update roadmap shows new game mode, unranked mode, and more

Decent content linedup for the players

Marvel SNAP has become even more active after they have been crowned as the best game for the year at the 2022 Game Awards. They came up with one of the best seasons, Power Cosmic and the best event indeed, Hype the Hero. Surprisingly, the game has attracted a lot of marvel fans into its world and has now become one of the games that have its craze throughout the world. Just after all these achievements, Marvel Snap has again come up with another banger and announced its roadmap for the year 2023 to make it one of the most glorifying ones than 2022. 

Marvel Snap update roadmap 2023: Confirmed upcoming features

Marvel Snap has been consistent since its launch. The game has never disappointed it’s players from the first day and have also announced their plan so that they keep up their love and throw aside their boredom from the world of Snapping.

Yet again, through their official Twitter handle, Marvel Snap announced the roadmap soon after the day break and shared about the upcoming events in 2023 along with the new concepts and the development areas that will be made one of the best in-game.

Marvel Snap Spider Man Venom Cover
Image via Nuverse

The game has thought of a bunch of things to introduce in 2023 and thus some of them include:

  1. Battle modes vs Friends 
  2. Option for a Name change 
  3. Artist credits and recognitions 
  4. Russian and Vietnamese language support for the players 
  5. Details about the Infinity Split Mode 

Battle Mode vs Friends is a very easy and interesting way to play Marvel Snap. Players need to create a room and share the code with their friends to let them enter, players can then enjoy playing against each other. Both players will be assigned 10 health points and the one with 0 health points at the end of the match loses. As per the words from the officials, this will also help a lot in the competitive scenario for the players as well in the future. 

Just after this, players will be given the option to rectify the sin that they did while naming themselves. Also, the cards will get a feature where, by tapping at the top of them, players can check for the Artist Credits and check for all the Infinity Split Mods present on that particular card. 

Marvel Snap 2023 road map: Features that are under development

Next comes the development section, where the game has planned to develop the following sectors:

  1. PC widescreen UI 
  2. Smart Decks 
  3. Unranked Mode 
  4. New competitive Modes 

Marvel Snap Smart Decks

The Smart Decks is a feature that will help the players to make one of the best decks of 12 cards from all the collections they have. Players are often seen confused while preparing their deck of cards and combinations, thus here the Smart Deck feature will come into play.

Marvel Snap announced, marvel snap 2023 roadmap
Image via Nuverse

Marvel Snap Unranked Mode

Marvel Snap will also come up with an Unranked Mode where players can play against other players without being under pressure of losing Rank points or Cubes. This will help them practice and nurture their skills with a stress-free mindset. The next big feature is the Competitive Mode that has been announced, for now, the rest of the details will be discussed later as it gets closer to the official release.

Things that are still in the conceptualization phase

Marvel Snap has gone through a lot of discussions and planning with the community and trying to implement some of them to blow the minds of the players. These concepts include:

  1. Guilds 
  2. Leaderboard for Infinity Rank 
  3. Collectible Emotes along with Card Emojis
  4. Mythic Variants 
  5. Boosters Magnet 
  6. Avatars and Titles 
  7. PC Controller support 
  8. Season Cache improvements
  9. More in-game events 

Marvel Snap has done crazy wonders throughout 2022. The game has reached the heights and has successfully become of the best cards game players could ever witness. The game has given a lot to 2022 and has big plans for 2023 from now onwards, hopefully, Marvel Snap will cherish the upcoming years and will become one of the most Legendary card games the world ever witnessed. 

What are your thoughts on the Marvel SNAP 2023 update roadmap? let us know in the comments below.

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