Marvel Snap introduces Deep Space, a brand new location in its latest update 

Embark on an adventure in the brand-new location!

Marvel Snap has always vibrant up the catalog of their locations and thus the game now features more than 50 great locations, for example, Grand Central. These locations sometimes help the players and sometimes become a problem in between the match. A new location is again brought to the players by Marvel Snap, Deep Space. Thus, let us know more about this new location and see how fruitful this location can be. 

Deep Space is quite a suspicious location in Marvel Snap

Deep Space is the newest addition to the collection of locations in Marvel Snap which is released today, 31st May 2023. The location comes up with the ability that, up here the card texts are disabled. This ability specifies that any ability card is useless over here and thus players cannot use the abilities of any of their cards if they use it directly in this location. 

Thus, players need to be careful enough with their deck and the cards so that they can use it properly over here and then claim this location with maximum points. As suggestions, players can try using the cards of White Tiger and try destroying Wolverine which can thus help the players to have these cards over this location and help themselves get some good points over this location. 

Marvel Snap Deep Space
Image via Nuverse

The deck of cards matters the most when this location pops up. Players need to be prepared a bit so that they can easily pull out the game with the help of their cards and win this location to claim a victory or easily make their opponents retreat by just putting them into a trap before the final turn. 

Final Thoughts

Deep Space is a location where players have to think well and then they can go for playing the cards or else it might put them in trouble. It is just like you have a Cosmos over your location and the opponent thus cannot further use any on-going abilities. Thus, have a great and strategize deck to counter Deep Space and enjoy a new experience over the Snapverse. 

What are your thoughts on the new location, Deep Space in Marvel Snap? Let us know in the comment section below!

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