Mech Arena celebrates FIFA World Cup 2022 introducing Neymar Jr. as its new brand ambassador

With the inclusion of Neymar Jr. in their mobile multiplayer shooter Mech Arena, Plarium Global has made a significant statement already. Neymar Jr. will serve as the game’s marketing ambassador thanks to a partnership between the makers and NR Sports. The strongest pilot in the game will dash into Mech Arena wearing a vintage bomber jacket. Moreover, in celebration of the FIFA World Cup 2022, Mech Arena developers, NR Sports, and Neymar Jr. reworked the concept to create the even more spectacular MVP Neymar Jr. pilot.

Neymar Jr. needs no introduction given his enormous popularity in the footballing world. With almost 450 goals and the ideal balance of grace and swagger, the Brazilian footballer also plays forward for Paris Saint-Germain FC. As a result of everything, Mech Arena now has a distinctive pilot.

Neymar Jr arrives with his Samba flair as a Pilot in Mech Arena

Every Pilot in Mech Arena has a unique set of talents. Neymar Jr.’s skills allow him to increase both his speed and damage, which is just what any other football player would want. As he gains levels, he increases the boost to all missile and assault weapon damage by up to 35%. In addition, he has the fantastic Sprinter Perk. Starting at Level 1, it extends your sprint duration by 40% and drastically shortens the sprint cooldown by 40%. And to top it all off, he has four implant slots! A true hero!

Mech Arena FIFA World Cup 2022 Neymar
Image via Plarium

Neymar Jr. himself, commenting on his addition to Mech Arena, said: “I love gaming just as much as I love football, so combining the two to make a character with my skills and style in Mech Arena was an amazing experience. I can’t wait to join my fans and help take their game to the next level. I’ll see you in the Arena!”

Neymar Jr. is “one in a million” in Pilot form just like he is in the real world. Neymar Jr. will be the first Pilot in the game to represent this new category of collectible Pilots as we launch a brand-new level of Rarity called Limited Edition to symbolize this. Both the new Neymar Jr Avatar and his in-game Pilot model show his streetwear-inspired style. His custom-designed bomber jacket leaves space to reveal some of Neymar Jr’s tattoos and, of course, he has that signature Neymar Jr haircut.

Are you excited as Mech Arena celebrates the FIFA World Cup 2022 by roping in Neymar Jr. as its brand ambassador? Let us know in the comments below!

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