MegaWorld launches new land gameplay on the Boba Network

Forge contracts on three main blockchains and two sidechains!

MegaWorld, which is one of the oldest blockchain games out there, lets players construct and build a unique virtual world that is solely owned by the players and they can buy and sell their properties in form of NFT assets. MegaWorld opened its first virtual district all the way back in 2018 using the Ethereum blockchain and later expanded to the TRON Network in 2019.

At first, players could acquire land and create structures on top of it, then they could play on a 3D virtual city in 2019 and now finally in 2023, MegaWorld is introducing the new Land Gameplay in the BNB City which runs on the BNB chain.

Players have been bidding for land in MegaWorld’s new city since January 2023

Players started buying land in MegaWorld all the way back in 2018 when it was just a simple 2D map and players couldn’t build anything on it. But many players kept expanding their domain by buying tons of land. Then later in 2019, the game became a fully working 3D virtual city with complex Microeconomics. Players had to develop unique plans and strategies to earn more profit in the game.

Image via MegaWorld

Back in 2022, MegaWorld announced that they would be expanding to the BNB chain, and in January 2023, the bidding for the first player-controlled district in BNB city occurred and it closed with 16 bids altogether. Since then, over 1300 players have bought land in the game even before construction could be started. But the players can finally rejoice as they can now commence constriction on their property.

MegaWorld’s Land Gameplay now offers construction of all functional buildings

MegaWorld is now going to cross-chain dependencies too which means that players can use materials produced using one type of chain to construct something else for another type of chain. This will heavily favor the players as they can sell, buy, and invest in land and property all over the game without the construction of one type of chain usage.

MegaWorld BNB City
Image via MegaWorld

Players can now also build any type of functional building, Points of Interest, and Public Transport in the new BNB city which means that the creativity and strategies of the players will be able to fully flourish without any restrictions of creative constraints because of fewer options available.

The game is a Web3 city builder which uses real economics on all its contracts made in the game since 2018 and now with the inclusion of BNB city and cross-chain dependencies, every asset in the virtual world is useful for anyone. Players can visit the official website for more information.

What are your thoughts as MegaWorld launches Land Gameplay on Boba Network? Let us know in the comments below!

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