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Metal Revolution: Developers reveal story plot and list of heroes

An immersive story plot with some kickass characters to dive into the world of Metal Revolution

The developer of Metal Revolution, NExT Studios with YOOZOO Games’ publishing arm Gtarcade reveals more insights about the story settings and hero spotlights of Metal Revolution. Set to release later this year, Meta revolution includes details on the information on the currently ongoing final beta test and the game’s development.

Metal Revolution is a cyberpunk-themed mecha fighting and action mobile game that aims to make the traditionally hardcore genre interactive and exciting for players of all abilities. Each action button will redirect to multiple actions in-game and perform different moves when pressing up or down on the joystick, and new players will be able to pull off multi combos right from the beginning. The game also offers a competitive level structure that players can climb for unique in-game rewards and each of the heroes will offer a unique, distinctive role in the story of Metal Revolution.

Mechanically, we kept the basics of fighting games such as jump, block or basic combos in the game, but at the same time made some modifications to better fit a mobile game. These modifications mainly included simplifying the complexity of chaining combos, removing high and low attacks and instead focusing on cross-over strategies. We’ve also added an energy bar mechanic that adds a whole new dimension to fighting, and can be recovered through certain actions or natural recovery.

Bruce Yan, Lead Game Designer at NExT Studios

Metal Revolution : Story plot and Hero Spotlights

Story setting – Desolate World, Born Anew

Metal Revolution is set in a distant cyberpunk future full of metal, neon and violence. After 500 years of complete environmental deterioration that ultimately enveloped the entire planet in radiation, humanity discovered a new substance that later became known as “M metal”. This substance, stronger than steel and lighter than weight, was discovered to be compatible with biological muscle tissue, offering immunity against the ever-present radiation.

Metal Revolution story plot scene
Metal Revolution story plot scene-Desolate World

Humanity ultimately decided to fuse their bodies with M metal, gaining supernatural powers and altering their appearances. However, the M metal also had a negative effect on a person’s body and mind – especially young people became more violent, and thus needed an outlet for their rage. That is when the Metal Showdown was born – a grand tournament founded by the world’s most powerful consortium only known as “S consortium”, Metal Showdown pits fighters against each other to test their mettle and crown a fighting champion every single year.

Metal Revolution Cyberpunk based theme
Metal Revolution Cyberpunk based theme- Born Anew

The world of Metal Revolution is dark, futuristic, and gritty. Fighters have to hone their skills and fully embrace the unique properties of M metal in order to rise to the top and claim the title of champion. Humanity had to face a dark future, and it rose to the occasion.

Hero spotlights – Fight with Style

Metal Revolution is set in a vibrant world full of technology and martial arts, offering players a chance to pick one of fourteen fighters, each with a unique set of abilities, attributes, and, most importantly, style. Core Metal Revolution fighters include:

Jamal Ritter

Metal Revolution Jamal Ritter character
Metal Revolution Jamal Ritter character

Born a naturally gifted boxer, Jamal is the son of a famous Metal Showdown champion. He has lived in the shadow of his father’s legacy for years, honing his boxing skills to one day make his own story. Besting one opponent after another in the boxing ring, Jamal soon realized he craves a bigger challenge and rose to the occasion when the Metal Showdown was announced.


Metal Revolution Inari character
Metal Revolution Inari character

The eldest daughter of the famous Shinkage-ryu dojo, Inari used to be a miko, a shrine maiden who served the will of the gods to bring honor to her family. However, after her family was wiped out, Inari donned a kitsune mask and swore revenge against Miyamoto Ren, a crime boss responsible for the assassination. Now, she roams the earth in search of her nemesis.

Miyamoto Ren

Metal Revolution Miyamoto REN
Metal Revolution Miyamoto REN character

Ren grew up as a street orphan, only to join a crime syndicate at a young age. Ruthless in whatever he was after, Miyamoto soon became too ambitious for his own good and was shot in the back by his own oyabun during a mission. Mortally wounded, Ren had to embrace M metal and made his grand comeback in a brand new Mecha form, ready to settle scores with those who betrayed him. He is a ruthless master of the katana with many, many enemies.

Ted Graham

Metal Revolution Ted Graham character
Metal Revolution Ted Graham character

A star player in the Mecha Football League, Ted used to be a legend known for his touchdown celebrations. But when his team suffered a catastrophic losing streak, it was him who was blamed for throwing games, and Ted Graham was promptly banned from the league. Determined to get back into the spotlight and enjoy newfound fame, Ted decided to start signing up for underground Mecha tournaments, beating his opponents one punch at a time.

Mike Lee

Metal Revolution Mike Lee character
Metal Revolution Mike Lee character

Street dancer and martial arts enthusiast, Mike always lives in the moment. He’s a crowd-pleaser, a trailblazer, and a fan favorite fighter who’s ahead of the curve and realizes the potential of Metal Revolution. His dance moves light up the arena and, combined with his stylish outfit, dazzle fans from all around the world.


Metal Revolution Mikhali character
Metal Revolution Mikhali character

Whether it’s his real name or just a call code, Mikhail used to be a double agent for a now defunct government. When his country’s government collapsed however, his wife and daughter went missing in the chaos that ensued. Now, Mikhail is a member of “Black Gold”, a transcontinental intelligence agency that might give him access to the whereabouts of his family. Mikhail’s latest intel seems to point to an underground fighting tournament.

Final beta test of Metal Revolution

Gtaracde is also currently running the final global Metal Revolution beta test that began on August 7th and ends on August 16th. 12,000 keys are currently being distributed, and players can use their Gtarcade accounts to register for the event on the Gtarcade website and automatically enter the subsequent drawings. The first global beta of Metal Revolution took place on May 27th and brought in players from 170 countries and approximately 1 million views of the official show match that was streamed on YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok.

Metal Revolution is set to launch in South America, Romania and Mexico in the coming weeks, and arrive in North America and Europe by the end of 2021.

Are you excited about the dev’s announcement on the story and new hero characters of Metal Revolution? Let us know in the comments section below.

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