Million Lords celebrates 300k downloads with a major update

300k, this is the number of thanks the developer Million Victories addresses to its players for downloading Million Lords! With a dozen successful updates since the major Rise of Gods expansion, the french studio is proud to announce the arrival of great new features. With deeply strategic and competitive gameplay, thus the free-to-play game is available on iOS and Android.

No loss of momentum for Million Lords as the game has registered 300k Lords fighting on the Three Lands to try and become the best. Deeply appreciated for its strategic game mechanics and lack of city-building, Million Lords has been able to convince its players by reinventing the 4X strategy game genre.

Lots of things are planned!

Since the free Rise of Gods expansion, the game has continued to be fed in terms of balance, visuals and new mechanics. Benoit Ducrest, founder of Million Victories adds,

“Our goal is to provide our players with a game experience that is constantly being enriched. We made a gamble to update the game 9 times since Rise of Gods and we succeeded. We’re planning a lot of new features for this year and we can’t wait to tell you about them!”

The major update “Pride and Prestige” continues to enrich the game. The new clan and prestige leaderboards reinforce the competition on the battlefield. With the global chat, all players can now communicate in-game. It’s the beginning of alliances, conspiracy and wars. A real dynamic that adds up to an even stronger experience of conquest and strategy!

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