Minecraft: List of 5 confirmed mobs in future updates of the game

Five Mobs to be included in the game soon!

In every update, Mojang has added some or the other twist by adding up new mobs in Minecraft. Mojang also hosts a mob vote where the community gives a vote for which one to add next. In this article, we will share the list of 5 mobs that Mojang could be adding in Minecraft future updates.

List of 5 mobs to be added Minecraft in the future updates

5. Frog

Minecraft 5 future Mobs
Minecraft mob: Frogs

For a long time, players have been asking for Frogs in swamp biomes. Finally, Frogs were duly introduced in Minecon 2019. Unfortunately enough, the swamp biomes lost the vote to the mountains.

We will probably be able to see Frogs in the upcoming Biome updates, including swamp biomes as they are also adding mountains with goats in Caves and Cliff update.

4. Ostrich

Minecraft Mob- Ostrich animal
Ostrich comes under the wild animal group

In the savanna biomes, Ostrich mobs have been officially announced in their future updates. Players might be creating an idea of a wild area that might be similar to safari in Minecraft. In reality, this is not the thing. What players usually get, are only weird-looking acacia trees and dried ugly grass.

Minecraft 5 future Mobs
Minecraft Mob: Ostrich

Ostrich comes under the wild animal group available in the game. They are only found only in savannas. Players can expect them to behave like a real one who puts their head underground if they feel any danger.

3. Vulture

Minecraft Mob- Vulture
Minecraft Mob: Vulture

Vultures were introduced in Minecon 2019’s biome voting event. It is expected that players will find them swooping down and sitting on those flowery cactuses in badland biomes.

2. Meerkat

Minecraft 5 future Mobs
Minecraft Mob: Meerkat

Meerkat will be introduced to improve some desert experiences and make them much more exciting and interesting for the players. In the last voting pools at Minecon Earth 2018, new mobs were not able to arrive in the desert place.

But that is not the end to experience something new as Mojang has brought up some updates from the old biome. Additionally, they have added all the confirmed mobs related to them, which also includes Meerkat.

1. Warden 

Minecraft 5 future Mobs
Minecraft Mob: Warden

The final Caves and Cliffs mobs in the upcoming 1.18 update are Warden. Though it is blind, the special feature it possesses is the inbuilt sensor. With the help of the sensor, they can identify where their enemies are. It comes under one of the strongest mobs in Minecraft. This is going to be great news for those who like being to be challenged in Minecraft.

What are your takeaways about the 5 mobs which will be added in future updates of Minecraft? Let us know in the comments below.

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i think the meerkat would be cool to catch and drag home to my house and have as a pet

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