Minecraft player reveals a ground-breaking trick to increase the speed of crop farming

Try out the new crop farming technique!

For over a decade now, Minecraft has served to be a sandbox game allowing users to unleash their creativity and imagination without boundaries. The game is famous for its flexibility and the timely updates the development team brings in the form of new content. Even after all this, some players don’t fit in the ordinary casual gamers category and perform tasks in unique and efficient ways. One such user has now come out with a ground-breaking trick to increase the speed of crop farming and the Minecraft community is going gaga over it.

Minecraft Crops farming
Image via Mojang Studios

The technique makes crops ready to harvest in no time

Modification and optimization in Minecraft are not unheard of, players have been doing it for a long time. Farming has always been an area of Minecraft that supports rigorous reinvention, creativity, and innovation. Initially, it seems like farming is all about planting seeds, watering them, and then harvesting which is a lengthy process. However, players have been actively finding ways to speed up the process for quite some time now, and it is safe to say that the wait is over as a Minecraft player has now shown this technique where players can instantly harvest their plants.

Reddit user u/TabbyLV who works on making Minecraft mods posted a new video on his Reddit profile. The post shows himself sealing his underground farm exit and destroying the torched present. As soon as the torches are destroyed, the room turns completely dark, followed by this TabbyLV swings at the wheat plant present on the farm and the entire room of wheat instantly explodes.

The clip is mind-boggling to look at and confuses users until and unless they watch it very closely. Casual Minecraft players and gamers who have not played Minecraft will have a hard time figuring it out. But the comments sections will help figure it out easily. 

When TabbyLV destroys the torches in his underground farm, the instant darkness in the room results in the plants breaking. Due to this, when he swings at the plants they instantly break and harvest. The technique received appreciation from many users and some also gave tips on how this technique can be improvised more. However, with this new technique, farming on Minecraft is indeed all about reinvention, creativity, and innovation. 

What are your thoughts about the trick to speed up crop farming in Minecraft? Let us know in the comments below!

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