Minecraft: Seaside Story is a brand new free map built specifically for mobile

All hands on deck for this announcement!

The second Minecraft map, with the focus specifically being mobile players, has now docked into the Marketplace, and it’s called Seaside Story. It is a fishing-themed map where life revolves around catching fish to build up your island, designed by Gamemode One.

Seaside Story: A Minecraft map with a smoother mobile experience

Since mobile players were the priority, the game has been made keeping the Pocket Edition of the game in mind. This means that the map has been optimized for mobile devices and it will run smoother on them. Other users with devices that run the bedrock version of the game can get it too.

The map has more than 20 types of fish, and players can customize and upgrade their gear and fishing boat as they wish. There’s a bunch of fishing-related quests too, so the map has a fair amount of content to keep players engaged. More biomes are unlocked as players progress through and complete the tasks required.

This is definitely a great thing for mobile players, who in the past had to use maps built for different platforms and not very well optimized for the Pocket Edition and mobile devices. But now, things look better as more and more creators put stuff up that prioritizes mobile gamers which in turn leads to a better experience. Maps especially are a great way to play Minecraft in a different way and get a different perspective on the game.

So any mobile gamers out there with a copy of Minecraft Pocket Edition should definitely head over to the Marketplace and claim the map which is completely free. They have time until April 21, 2022 to do so, after which it’ll be too late.

Are you excited to explore the Minecraft Seaside Story map on mobile? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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i got stuck in a hole and i legit cannot get out


I unlocked the cave and didn’t read what the crab wanted so now I’m just riding a giant crab


Me too does anyone know 1. What the crab said and 2. Where do you find the crystal melody?


what do you do if the characters disappear


I had the same thing happened did it ever solve it?


I can’t figure out what the storage upgrade does. Please help

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