MiniReview: New App on a Mission to Fix Mobile Games Discovery

When mobile gaming took off in the early 2010s, nobody could have imagined a world where thousands of new games would be released daily. But that’s the situation in 2020, and with thousands of new games flooding the mobile app stores every day, games discovery has quickly grown to become a very real headache for both gamers and developers. To solve this issue and help the gamers to find out quality games, MiniReview will come in handy.

With no meaningful filtering options on the app stores, gamers repeatedly see the same games being advertised, featured, and atop the genre-specific top-lists, and studios and indie developers without million-dollar marketing budgets have minimal chances of being discovered and surviving in a sea ruled by the industry titans.

What MiniReview is all about?

MiniReview aims to fix this discovery issue with a unique combination of

  • game curation
  • game reviews
  • custom screenshots
  • gameplay videos
  • community voting
  • smart filter

And these, rely on manually collected data, such as custom tags, offline/online playability, and monetization model.

This enables players to find exactly the types of games they’re looking for and quickly access if it’s worth downloading and installing. So if you want to see only single-player RPGs that have no ads, are played in landscape mode, and that can be played offline, then MiniReview lets you find those games.

minireview app

The app is developed by a two-man team of passionate mobile gamers who have covered and curated hundreds of mobile gamers since 2017 across YouTube and Reddit. NimbleThor, one of the creators of the app said,

“With MiniReview, we wanted to create a home for truly passionate mobile gamers. In many ways, it’s the app we’ve always wished existed, and now it’s finally here. It’s a place by gamers for gamers, a place where mobile games are properly dissected, analyzed, and organized, so that you can find exactly the game you’re looking for and evaluate it before downloading.”

The MiniReview app has been under development for over a year, and is currently in closed beta testing. Interested players can pre-register on Google Play starting today

A website and an iOS version of the MiniReview platform are being considered as obvious next steps if the community shows interest.

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