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Mobile Legends: Adventure celebrates its 3rd anniversary with special rewards

Came from the house of MOONTONMobile Legends Adventure is a franchise of Mobile Legends that has already gained a reputation as one of the popular mobile games. Mobile Legends Adventure (MLA) international server will commemorate its 3rd Anniversary on August 26. MLA was released in Japan and South Korea in 2021 and has since seen enormous popularity. In South Korea, it swiftly rose to the top of the rankings for free-to-play games on iOS and Google Play, and it also ranked first in Japan for dual-platform downloads last year.

As an idle game, MLA provides a more humane long-term gameplay experience

Esmeralda’s several bond stories with Alice and Lunox, for example, are continued in the MLA plot, but there are also many original element heroes. Each season’s heroes will be themed differently. For example, the most recent S8 season will introduce Tokinibara, a female samurai who lost an eye in a battle with the Onmyoji.

MLA offers a more compassionate long-term gameplay experience than an idle game. It isn’t tedious; five to ten minutes of playtime is plenty to do the daily quests. The main game feature is idle play, but leveling up doesn’t mean you have to pay to win; even if you don’t play, your squad will keep fighting and progressing through the current adventure level. You don’t need to grind for resources to level up your heroes because they will automatically earn rewards for you while you sleep, work, or play other video games.

Mobile Legends Adventure 3rd Anniversary
Image via MOONTON

You don’t have to spend resources on each new hero you summon in MLA thanks to the game’s novel one-tap level-up mechanism. Instead, you can place five of your strongest heroes in the Holy Sanctuary after which you can place your new heroes in the open slots to rapidly raise them to the same level as your most powerful heroes.

The R&D team carefully considers player feedback on gameplay and characters. For instance, the game’s creators transformed Clara, who first appeared in the store as a signboard, into a legitimate hero with carefully thought-out abilities and a more elegant appearance after the game’s launch in July of last year. Popular male mage Valir has also been created in several art stages, reflecting the team’s aims. The widely anticipated Tinted Mirage gameplay event will also be back this time, which is the final point.

A series of 3rd Anniversary and Island Party events will be launched in Mobile Legends Adventure

The 3rd Anniversary and Island Party Events, which will run from August 26 to September 15 in MLA, will feature the largest wave of benefits activities in MLA’s history, including free diamond packs, premium summon scrolls, miracle summons scrolls, 5-Star hero pieces, and monthly pass discounts.

Mobile Legends Adventure 3rd Anniversary
Image via MOONTON
  • Up to 150 FREE draw cards for new players, and up to 100 FREE draw cards for existing players in the first week: Use the gift code SUMMER0826 to get 20 free premium recruiting tickets and 1000 diamonds. In-game events will give players 80 raffle cards, and new players can exchange at least 50 free recruiting coupons through missions in the first week.
  • New summer skins for Freya, Wanwan, Selena, Tokinibara.
  • Last year’s popular summer skins for Lunox and Lesley will be back in stock (2nd -15th Sep.)
  • Half-price monthly pass (26th Aug.-15th Sep.)
  • A treasure hunt event where all players on the same server can complete tasks to push their server’s progress bar. Once the progress bar reaches 100%, players will be able to claim treasures.
  • Complete certain tasks to claim the popular Order hero “Lunox” for free.
  • A daily check-in event (check-in for rewards).

Players will get an invitation to the Island Party on August 19 and can send it to their friends. Each participant on the server will start receiving rewards once they have received a particular number of invitations. In the first week, new players are eligible for up to 150 free draw cards.

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