Mobile Legends April 2023 Leaks: Upcoming skins, heroes, and events

Upcoming content for the Month of April 2023!

The month of March is almost over, and this month, we have seen a lot of skins and big events in Mobile Legends. The currently ongoing Transformers event and the Phase 1 of the All-Star event are great examples. The All-Star event is the new version of the Promo Diamonds Event. So, players can expect a lot of rewards as skins and in-game effects. In this article, we will discuss everything we know so far about the Mobile Legends leaks from April 2023.

Mobile Legends April 2023 Leaks: Upcoming skins

Mobile Legends Starlight Pass for April 2023

Skin Rewards

Mobile Legends April 2023 Starlight Pass
Image via MOONTON Games

Edith is the only Tank/Marksman role hero in the game to get a skin in April called “Ancient Warden”. She has lots of engaging and crowd-control skills, which make her one of the best initiators in the game. This is going to be the first skin of Edith to be released since her release on December 2021. Along with the skin, other in-game items for Edith would also be released like Sacred Statue, Special Trail, etc. 

Mobile Legends April 2023 Leaks: Upcoming events and skins

MLBB X Transformers Crossover Event

The Transformers Event has already begun but it will be continued in April as well. Players will be getting more chances to obtain the Transformers Skins. There would 2 more rounds of recharge rewards for the event through which players can obtain the tokens for summons.

All-Star 515 Event

Mobile Legends April 2023 Leaks
Image via MOONTON Games

This is the latest version of the 515 events. Players would also be getting promo diamonds in later phases of the event. New event skins would also be available in this event. The Skin Series is called Atomic Pop. Miya and Eudora would have skins of this series. Players would also be able to get Exclusive Rafaela skin and through the Moonlit Wish Draw event and Hanabi’s All-Star Skin.

Players would also be getting some other free skins in this event. The event would be open from the last weekend of March till the last week of April. And this is a week-wise roadmap of all the Events.

Minotaur “Taurus” Zodiac Skin

Mobile Legends April 2023 Leaks
Image via MOONTON Games

From April 20th to May 19th, Minotaur “Taurus” Zodiac skin would be available. In the previous season, Minotaur had received a great buff. And players started using Minotaur in the higher-ranked lobbies. And the Zodiac skins are the best skins available for almost all the corresponding characters. So, this time around, as Minotaur is being used so much, it can be expected that lots of players might try to get the skin.

Collector Skin for April 2023 – Cyclops “Yokai Warlock”

For April, the expected collector skin is going to be of Cyclops. Cyclops has been one of the mages that are not getting picked enough considering the recent meta. So, with the Collector Skin, it could be expected that players might start picking cyclops more.

Season 28 First Purchase Skin – Khufra “Iron Hook”

Mobile Legends April 2023 Leaks
Image via MOONTON Games

Khufra “Iron Hook” is the skin that is released as the First Recharge Reward of the season. Players would be able to claim this skin for 100 diamonds only if they have made a transaction in-game with real currency. There is no other way to obtain this skin. Players can obtain this skin till the end of Season 28.

Final Thoughts

Considering all the skins and events that are going to come in April, it would be the best time for MLBB players to spend. The Promo Diamond event is the most convenient way for players to get some of their Favorite Skins. Plus players would be getting special tokens for making the recharges. So, if a player wants to spend some cash in MLBB, the month of April would be the best chance to make the most out of the recharges.

What are your thoughts on all the leaks of upcoming skins and events of Mobile Legends in April 2023? Let us know in the comments below!

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