Mobile Legends Khufra Guide: Best Build, Emblem and Gameplay Tips

All shall succumb to my power

Khufra. the cruel Desert King in Mobile Legends has betrayed in love and landed in the Land of Dawn to find his love. He is an early-game damage dealer tank who can initiate any team fight and use powerful crowd control abilities to lock down enemies for his teammates to collide upon. He is the most picked hero in the Legend/Mythic tier because he has some annoying escape-blocking abilities. In this season you can use Khufra to rank up easily. Here is our guide to help you with the game performance thereby getting the best out of Khufra in Mobile Legends.

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Skill Analysis

Khufra possesses 4 skills, including his passive. In this Khufra guide, let’s see what are his abilities in Mobile Legends, and when you can use which skill to get the best out of him.

Passive – Spell Curse (Heal, Damage)

Every 12 seconds, Khufra’s next Basic Attack Basic Attack will become ranged and deal 120% Total Physical Attack + 6% of his Max HP points of Magic Damage, slows the target by 30% for 1.5 seconds and restore 8% of his Max HP.

The cooldown of Spell Curse Spell Curse will be reduced by 4 seconds every time he controls an enemy hero.

Khufra pulls the bandage on his arms to launch himself in the specified direction, dealing 150 / 170 / 190 / 210 / 230 / 250 + 7.5 / 8 / 8.5 / 9 / 9.5 / 10 (+1.5% Extra Physical Attack)% HP of his Max HP Physical Damage to all enemies in the path.

When the skill reaches its maximum distance or he encounters an enemy hero while launching, he will stop and deal 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 + 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 (+1.5% Extra Physical Attack)% HP of his Max HP Physical Damage to nearby enemies and knocking them up for up to 1.1 seconds.

Skill 2 – Bouncing Ball (Slow, BUFF)

Khufra uses bandage to wrap himself into a magical bouncing ball for 3 seconds, increasing his own Physical Defense and Magic Defense by 30% / 44% / 58% / 72% / 86% / 100% as well as dealing 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 + 3 / 3.6 / 4.2 / 4.8 / 5.4 / 6 (+2% Extra Physical Attack)% of his Max HP Magic Damage to nearby enemies, slowing them by 80% for 0.2 seconds, and knocking them up if they try to dash through him.

Skill 3 – Tyrant’s Rage (CC, Damage)

Khufra pulls back all enemy targets around him towards the front, dealing 300 / 450 / 600 (+100% Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage and slowing them down for 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 seconds.

If the enemies are knocked against walls, 150% of this skill’s damage or 450 / 675 / 900 (+150% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage will be inflicted upon them and they will be stunned instead of slowed.

Skill Up Method for Khufra

Players should unlock the first or second skill at level 1. Khufra’s both skill first and second skill is a good amount of CC ability. Maximizing of one them is fine depending on your playstyle. Upgrade his Ultimate whenever available.

Best Emblem Set and Spells for Khufra

Emblem Set

Khufra is a very strong tank hero in Mobile Legends. He has a lot of crowd control abilities that can be used to disrupt the enemy team and set up kills for his teammates. He is one of the best tanks to counter certain enemy lineups. To make Khufra gameplay efficient in roaming as a Tank, players are expected to use the Custom Tank Emblem for CC Effect, Extra Defense and Health Regen. Players can use whichever Talents suits better for their gameplay. However, players have brought up some of the best Emblem/Talent Set-up that is advisable for Khufra.

Mobile Legends Kufra Emblem Setup

The Custom Tank Emblem, ever since its Revamp, provides players with access to 3 different talents. Hence, for the Khufra Emblem Setup the following setup is expected:

  1. In the First-Tier Talent, we choose Inspire as it provides a 5% extra cooldown reduction, which will be very good for Khufra to spam his CC skills in the early game.
  2. In the Second-Tier Talent, we choose Tenacity it is very useful When HP is below 50%, physical and magic damage defence is increased by 18. It will help Khufra to sustain more damage.
  3. In the Third-Tier Talent, we choose Quantum Charge, dealing damage with basic attacks increasing movement speed by 40% for 1.5 seconds and restoring 75-180 HP (scales with level).

Battle Spells

Khufra is a tank hero in Mobile Legends, who is known for his crowd-control abilities. The best battle spells for Khufra are Flicker and Petrify. Flicker is a good choice for tanks with crowd-control abilities, as it can help set up plays and escape sticky situations. It will also allow players to make a surprise ultimate combo, near a wall. Petrify, on the other hand, can be used to immobilize enemies and is a great combo with Khufra’s ultimate ability.

Best Builds for Khufra in Mobile Legends

Khufra is a tank hero in Mobile Legends. He is known for his crowd-control abilities and is a popular pick among players. Khufra is a damage dealer tank in the early game who can initiate any team fight and uses his powerful CC skills to lock down enemies for his teammates to collide with. It is better to build him with more physical defence items and also some high HP items, which will help him to take more damage being a frontliner. We have set out the following template in our guide to try out with Khufra on the Mobile Legends battlefield.

Mobile Legends Khufra Best Builds
Image via MOONTON Games

Tough Boots / Warrior Boots are a good choice for Khufra because they provide him with some physical defence and cooldown reduction. The cooldown reduction is especially useful for Khufra, as he relies on his skills to disrupt enemies and initiate teamfights. Dominance Ice is a great item for Khufra because it provides him with a lot of utility. The passive ability can be used to reduce the damage output of enemy carriers.

Athena’s Shield is a good item for Khufra because it provides him with a lot of magic defence and a shield that can absorb a significant amount of magic damage. This makes Khufra more durable against magic damage dealers. Antique Cuirass is a good item for Khufra because it provides him with a lot of physical defence and a passive ability that can reduce the damage output of nearby enemies. This makes Khufra more durable and can also help him to disrupt enemy formations.

Immortality is a good item for Khufra because it gives him a second life. This can be very useful in teamfights. Blade Armor is a good item for Khufra because it can help him deal damage back to enemies who attack him. This can be very useful for Khufra, as he can use it to deter enemies from attacking him and to punish them for doing so. It is especially, very good against high-damage dealing marksman in the late game.

Mobile Legends Khufra Gameplay Tips

Khufra is mainly used as an initiator in every situation, players have to save the main damage dealer. Khufra got a decent amount of  HP so don’t be afraid to engage in a fight. though it needs some skill cast technique to win the battle tide. We can break it down into two phases. Our Khufra guide includes the perfect game plan for the early, and middle/late game in Mobile Legends. However, a player must need a good understanding of the map to bring the best out of any hero. According to his gameplay, we can break it down into three phases. Our Mobile Legends Joy guide includes the perfect game plan for the early, mid, and late gameplay of Khufra.

Early Game

In the early game, Khufra should start in the Gold lane with the team’s marksman. They can help them clear the first wave of minions and then assist Jungler in taking the buff. If possible, attack the enemy jungler after clearing the buff. After that, quickly rotate to the top lane to support the offlaner. When using your first skill, try to jump from the bushes. This will give you a surprise element and allow you to jump further if you hold down the skill for longer. Always spam your skills on enemy crowd control (CC) fighters or damage dealers to help your team. If you manage to hit an enemy with your first skill, quickly follow up with your second skill. Your focus in the early game should be to open up the map, initiate teamfights, and help and protect your core heroes.

Mobile Legends Khura Early game

Skill 1+ Skill 2+ Basic Attack

Mid Game

In the mid-game, Khufra should focus on roaming and ganking. He should also help his team secure objectives, such as the Turtle Buff. When ganking, Khufra should try to catch the enemy carry off guard. He can use his first skill to initiate the gank and his second skill to knock the enemy back into his team. Khufra can also use his ultimate ability to trap the enemy carry in place and make it easy for his team to kill them. Khufra should avoid exposing himself on the map all the time. He can roam the bushes to set up ambushes and surprise the enemy team. Khufra should not hesitate to turret dive if he can secure a kill. However, he should be careful not to overextend and get killed himself.

Mobile Legends Khufra Mid game

Skill 1+ Ultimate + Skill 2 + Basic Attack +Skill 1

This combo will prevent enemies from using any dash skills. Players should keep that in mind, whenever you are low on HP, just fall back, and the HP and mana bar will soon fill up for your items.

Late Game

In late-game, Khufra can be used as an initiator so in every situation, you have to save the main damage dealer. He has a decent amount of HP so don’t be afraid to get into fights even though it requires some skill cast techniques to win battles. You can check bushes by charging first skill to the bushes, this will make sure that your damage deals don’t get caught while passing through a bush. One should always let the teammates know before charging in the late game because one small mistake in the late game can cost you a victory.

Mobile Legends Khufra Late game

Skill 1+ Ultimate + Skill 2 + Basic Attack +Skill 1

Heroes Khufra can counterHeroes that can counter Khufra
Khufra Counter Heroes

Final Thoughts

Khufra is a very strong tank hero in Mobile Legends. He has excellent crowd-control abilities, which can be very disruptive to the enemy team. His passive skill allows him to deal damage and slow enemies with his basic attacks, and his first skill can be used to dash towards enemies and knock them up. His second skill gives him a temporary boost to his defence and allows him to knock up enemies who blink near him. His ultimate skill is a powerful AoE pull and stun that can be used to initiate teamfights or separate enemies from their team. Khufra is a very versatile tank hero. Khufra is a solid pick in the current meta and playing him properly players can rank up easily with him in Mobile Legends. One can also refer to our latest tier list to know more about the revamped meta heroes in this current season

That’s all for today’s guide about Khufra in Mobile Legends. Do you prefer to use Khufra in any other way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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