Mobile Legends Benedetta: Hero overview, skills analysis and release date

Benedetta is the new assassin hero that is being tested in the Mobile Legends advance server. The hero has a lot of interesting skill effect, especially loaded dash abilities. Mobile Legends have been turning stones to keep the ML community engaged with creative stunts. And this is one of the interesting introductions to their awesome Hero line-ups. So, let us check out what the new ML hero, Benedetta is bringing.


Elapsed Daytime (Passive | Blink Damage)

benedetta passive

When holding down the Basic Attack button, Benedetta enters Swordout State and gathers Sword Intent and if Benedetta releases the Basic Attack button after her Sword Intent is fully charged, Benedetta will use Swordout Slash in the direction she’s facing and dash forward, dealing 100 (+250% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage to enemies on the path and restoring 150 (+120% Total Physical Attack) HP.

Only when Benedetta is in Swordout State and her Sword Intent is fully charged by holding down the Basic Attack button, she can release the Swordout Slash. Benedetta can also gain Sword Intent when dealing damage by Basic Attack and casting skills. The HP Restoration will be reduced to 20% if she hits Minions and Creep.

Shadow Slash (Skill 1 | Burst Blink)

benedetta skill 1, ml benedetta

Benedetta withdraws swiftly and leaves a shadow in front. After a short delay, her shadow slashes forward in a fan-shaped area, dealing 300 / 340 / 380 / 420 / 460 / 500 (+40% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage. Meanwhile, Benedetta dashes forward to slash, dealing 180 / 204 / 228 / 252 / 276 / 300 (+70% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage. If the target gets a hit by her shadow, the damage by Benedetta herself will increase to 200%.

An Eye For An Eye (Skill 2 | Blink Buff)

ml benedetta, benedetta skill 2

Benedetta raises her weapon to defend, gaining Control Immunity and blocks damage from any source within 0.8 seconds. After defense, she stabs in a designated direction dealing 300/ 330/ 360/ 390 / 420/ 450 (+50% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage and slowing the target by 40% for 1 second. If Benedetta nullifies Crowd Control during defense, she will stun the target instead of slow and immediately gain full charge of Sword Intent

Alecto: Final Blow (Ultimate Skill | Blink Burst)

benedetta ultimate

Benedetta clenches Alecto and slashes forward after a short delay, becoming invincible while dashing, slowing all the targets on the path by 70% for 0.8 second. After dashing, Benedetta detonates the Sword Intent on the path, strangling the enemy with the Sword Intent for 2.5 seconds, dealing 60/ 90/ 120 (+40% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage and slowing the enemy by 20% every 0.2 second. This skill only benefits 40% of Benedetta’s Spell Vamp.

Skill Analysis and Overview

Benedetta is an assassin hero in Mobile Legends. So it is natural for her to have skill effects. The passive helps her to dash and deal damage. The first skill slashes forward and deals damage. And the ultimate also dash forward slowing and dealing damage. So, a lot of dash effect is introduced into the hero. With these skills, few combo attacks can be formed such as dashing with the passive skill + Second skill + First skill to end. If still not able to kill the enemy, then ultimate is still there to deal damage or escape the fight.

bendetta in mobile legends
Benedetta’s passive skill, with charged Sword Intent (Photo credits – Shinmen Takezo)

With Benedetta, the player has to always hold down the basic attack to have the passive always charged up. The second skill is also a very important skill as it not only helps her in defending but also has offensive nature.

Benedetta may have the weakness to a lot of CC heroes. She can dodge one and get kills, but may have issues dodging every CC hero. The designs, the artwork of Benedetta is impressive. The holding down of basic attack is something new and that too has an extra effect of dashing towards the enemy. This particularly can be very helpful, especially Benedetta being an assassin can land surprise attacks without actually using an active skill. This passive skill will itself be like an active skill.

ML bendetta, mobile legends benedetta
(Photo credits – Shinmen Takezo)

With the latest patch notes, the assassin’s skill effect area and damage are being increased, whereas the damage from the charged up passive skills are reduced.

Mobile Legends Bendetta release date

Benedetta is to make an official entry in the long roster of Mobile Legends Heroes on the 7th of November 2020. So mark your calendars and log in from 7th November to 8th, to get her for absolutely free! Prepare to Dance with the Blade!

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