Mobile Legends Hayabusa Guide: Best Build, Emblem and Gameplay Tips

Hayabusa is one of the best heroes to push solo ranks in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Hayabusa’s unique dash and Ultimate becomes overpowered if you master the hero properly. He has some secrets to use which if you can master, you can easily carry your whole team through the ranked matches. Here in this Mobile Legends Hayabusa Guide we will discuss some secrets to use Hayabusa properly and a short tutorial on the combos and builds that need to be used in order to win some ranked matches and reach the Mythic tier.


Phantom Shurikens (Skill 1)

Hayabusa throws three shurikens forward that will reach back to him after flying a certain distance. Each shuriken deals 170 (+70% Extra Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage to enemies, slows them a down, and recover Hayabusa 10 points of energy. Damage and regenerative effects of this skill decay overtime.

Quad Shadow (Skill 2)

Hayabusa moves in a designated direction and releases a phantom behind him. If he hits an enemy in the path, he will stop immediately and release 3 phantoms that travel in different directions. When phantoms hit enemy heroes, they will seep into them, deal 130(+30% Extra Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage and slow them by 40%. Lasts 2s.

mobile legends hayabusa

Not only this Hayabusa can move to a phantoms location. If that phantom happens to be in an enemy hero, Hayabusa will deal extra 130 (+30% Extra Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage to them. Every-time Hayabusa moves using Quad Shadow, the CD for Shuriken will be reduced by 1s.

Shadow Kill (Skill 3)

Hayabusa turns into a shadow and dashes around the battlefield, dealing 5 times of Single-target attack to enemies in an area. Each attack deals 160 (+90%Extra Physical ATK) points of Physical damage.

Best Build for Hayabusa

Emblem set: In the first set take Bravery(2/3) and Mastery(1/3). In the second set take Invasion(2/3) and Bloodthirst(1/3). Lastly, take Killing Spree. It will help you to regain a good amount of health after killing an enemy.

Retribution is the only spell that works best with Hayabusa. No other spell is recommended for Hayabusa.

hayabusa best build

In the very start of the game take Raptor Machete, then take Magic Shoes for CD reduction, then comes a part where you’ve to choose the best equipment according to the situation. If the enemies are pushing in the early game take Hunter strike for maximum penetration. Shadow kill needs maximum penetration to deal more damage. If your early game is going good take Blood lust Axe for lifesteal and CD reduction. This goes vice-versa. Take blade of despair after that for higher basic attacks and physical damage. After this take Blade of Hepatesis for HP and Physical ATK.

After level 15 you can sell Raptor Machete and buy Immortality or Athena’s shield to give you the little protection you need from the late game damages. However, to know more about various items, feel free to check our detailed item guide.

Secrets to master Hayabusa and become a pro

There are a few secrets that you need to know to master the hero. Follow the tips mentioned in this Mobile Legends Hayabusa Guide to know how to deal the maximum damage.

Know how to use Phantom Shurikens

Phantom Shurikens is a basic AoE skill for Hayabusa. You need to make sure that all the four Shurikens must hit the enemy before using your ultimate. Not only this you can also poke the enemy anywhere you want using Quad shadow and Phantom Shurikens. Dash to the enemy using quad shadow and use phantom shurikens, if all the four shurikens hit the enemy it will deal 30% damage to the victim. Also, you can finish an enemy using the same. After hitting the enemy with the shurikens, use the quad shadow to come out from the position. Phantom Shurikens also offer a great amount of lifesteal after completing your lifesteal equipment.

Master the right way of using Quad Shadow

Quad Shadow is a skill which is best for getting off a situation anytime. Seriously speaking Hayabusa is vulnerable in stuns and team fights, so while a team always stay behind the tank or always stay at a safe distance from the fight. Look out for the damage dealer and dash forward to him in such a direction so that atleast one shadow hits the enemy. If the shadow hits your victim slide up to that shadow and hit the ultimate.

By using this process the ultimate will stay right to that enemy and it will not go around to other nearby enemies. After your victim’s death, slide down to the original shadow from where you’ve started the dash. It will help you to consume the least amount of damage yet providing maximum damage to the enemy. You can again use the same method to finish off the other enemies nearby.

Best Attack Combos for Hayabusa

mobile legends hayabusa guide

Quad shadow+Phantom Shurikens: Use the Quad shadow to a designated position and try to hit the enemy with a shadow. Use phantom shuriken to deal damage and again use quad shadow to dash back.

Quad shadow+ Phantom shurikens+ Ultimate+Phantom shuriken: This combo is really an OP combo if done right. Its a bit hard to use, but if used correctly you can even kill a tank in one go using this. Use Quad Shadow to dash to the enemy and hit him with a shadow, slide forward to that shadow and use phantom shurikens in such a way that all four shurikens hit the enemy, after hitting use ultimate or Shadow kill. Always remember the Shadow kill hits an enemy five times, after that hit Phantom Shurikens. It will surely kill any enemy hero. This combo can also be used to clear minions of a lane in seconds.

Quad shadow+Phantom shuriken+Quad shadow+ Phantom shuriken+ Ultimate+ Phantom shadow: This combo is bit complicated but it really helps in a team fight situation. While a team fight situation to deal maximum burst damage use this combo. Start with the quad shadow to a designated position and hit phantom shurikens, move away from that position using quad shadow designated shadows, and hit phantom shurikens again. Make sure that all the enemies are hit with phantom shurikens and use the ultimate. Then the ultimate will deal maximum damage and also bring the healing effect. When the Shadow Kill ends hit again with phantom shurikens to finish the enemies. This is a bit tough for the beginners but practice makes everything perfect.

Positioning and Gameplay

Start your game by farming the blue buff. The blue buff will help in reducing the energy loss in the early game. Farm the top jungle and poke the enemy in the top lane. Stay in top till level 4. Then rotate to the mid lane. Poke enemies constantly and farm to the fullest. Build according to the game and always stay behind the tank. Clear minions from the lanes and stay help teammates in group fights. Hayabusa is very fast in stealing turrets and split pushing, utilize this in stealing some turrets and creating pressure on the enemy.

Always remember while using Hayabusa, try to consume the least amount of damage. Hayabusa is pretty vulnerable to damages but Hayabusa is invincible in the 1v1 situation and is the best hero for split pushing. In the mid-game try to take at least one turtle and try to take more kills for more damage. Try to mark mage and marksman, kill them before team gank, and finish the game. That’s all the guide you need to become a pro Hayabusa in Mobile Legends.

Hope you find this Mobile Legends Hayabusa Guide useful. For more quality guides like this, make sure to follow GamingonPhone on Facebook and Twitter.

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Thank you. It was really helpful.


Do the basic attack after every skill. This will deal huge damage. You must do it fast.

Anisur Rahman

Really? I didnt know know that. But does Hayabusa have any passive ioke that? It would work after buying a specific item i think.


buy endless battle instand of blood axt, because with endless battle, you make true damage after skill and 1. skill also have spellvamp, so you dont need blood axt. the my combo. 2-basic-1-basic-2-2-1-basic-3-basic-1-2-recall-emote. is hard combo, but very powerfull


Update the changes in his passive and build too as per latest patch and current meta build .

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