Mobile Legends: Faramis and Vexana are the next heroes to get a revamp

Much needed for bringing back these OG heroes to the meta

Moonton revealed its ongoing hero revamp road map on its Instagram and also shared the revamp progress with the MLBB players as the company celebrates its 5th anniversary with a free hero and free skins. The much-awaited Faramis and Vexana revamp is finally happening in Mobile Legends and is set to be released in 2022.

Faramis and Vexana will get a revamp in MLBB next year

Faramis and Vexana are a few of the rarely played heroes and have been like that for quite a while. The reason is that these two heroes have low utility skills and very low mobility.

Faramis, as a support, is very underperforming than his other support companions. His unique passive lets him consume souls of fallen units to heal himself and reduce his resurrecting time. His ultimate summons an altar that resurrects fallen enemies for 10 seconds.

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Image via Moonton

Vexana, as a mage, is similarly one of the most underperforming mages. Her passive necromancy spell marks a target that upon death explodes dealing magic damage to surrounding units. This is useful only during team fights with minions nearby. Her ultimate also deal quite a lot of burst magic damage and summons puppets to aid her. However, she greatly lacks mobility and can be shut down easily.

Both these heroes needed a much-required revamp and finally noticed by the MLBB Team they would give a revamp to these 2 less popular heroes.

In addition, these two heroes will not only get a revamp but will also get a skin update. As we know Faramis has never received a skin update and only has one skin. Its due time that the developers showed some love to these two neglected heroes.

What are your thoughts on the recent revamp of Faramis and Vexena in Mobile Legends? Do let us know in the comments below!

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Spam Likely

His 2nd skill should have a huge scythe that does slash dmg with corrosive dmg

Spam Likely

His first skill can remain the same but with increased range with increased pull and reduce enemy magic def

Spam Likely

Considering the fact that he is a necromancer his his passive should have the ability to inflict death insignias to enemies increasing dmg dealt by those who are caught by any of his skills or apply a fear effect that makes enemies confused then they have full marks and are caught in his ult.

Spam Likely

His voice over for revamp could say “I give you Life, For Life is Death” Or “Arise Death is not the end” Whenever he uses his Ult

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