Mobile Legends has introduced a new performance optimization update

Several improvements in the in-game performance!

Moonton has once more made another improvement to the in-game performance of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The recent improvements of the game titled Performance Optimization are geared towards improving the overall battle experience. It also reduces the phone’s storage-related issues amongst others. So without any further ado, let’s check out the latest performance optimization update introduced in Mobile Legends.

Changes introduced in Mobile Legends performance optimization update

Battle Experience Improvement

Mobile Legends performance optimization update
Battle Experience Improvement

Moonton has recently improved the game that allows players to turn on HFR Mode (High Frame Rate Mode) and Ultra Graphics mode. This will result in much sharper visuals in the game. It has also made improvements to its Resource Loading Strategy bringing about a much faster and smoother gameplay resource response to Skills, Basic Attacks and Emoji Display.

Phone Storage

Mobile Legends performance optimization update
Clear Redundancy feature

A new feature titled ‘Clear Reducancy‘ has been added to MLBB’s ‘Network Test & Resource Check Feature‘. This helps to automatically clear local junk files from updates and patches. This reduces the storage space occupied by MLBB on your device. This would reduce the storage space occupied by MLBB on your device by 10%. Another new improvement is that one can now uninstall gameplay resources like Skin resources that are not needed, this is greatly helpful especially when one’s device is low on Storage space.

Resource Download

Download speeds to increase by 269%

For players who have not fully downloaded gameplay resources, there is now a feature that allows players to adjust the order of gameplay resource download. One just has to click on Sticky, which is found at the right-hand side of the gameplay resource in the queue for download. This would then send that resource to the top of the download queue. Moonton has also improved the download speed of gameplay resources by increasing the number of Lines used for the download. This would, in turn, increase the download speed by a whopping 269%.

Interface Loading

Interface Loading Strategy

Moonton has also made some prior improvements to the game by optimizing the Interface Loading Strategy. It has also upgraded its compressed format, thereby, bringing about much sharper gameplay and faster game interface response.


Optimisation of Network Reconnection

This optimization of Network Reconnection would ensure players are back to where they were in the game before the reconnection making it easier to reconnect to the game. Earlier this month, the developers had introduced Network Optimization which focused to make the game better in terms of matchmaking, gameplay, and connectivity.

Final Thoughts

This new performance optimization update would help improve the overall MLBB experience. The latest in-game performance improvements and optimizations would surely go a long way in improving the overall view and rating of the game. Therefore, as long as players keep on dropping their ideas, feedbacks and opinions, more and more updates and improvements would be coming in. One should keep an eye out for more updates and news on the latest optimizations taking place in Mobile Legends.

What are your thoughts on the Mobile Legends performance optimization update? Let us know in the comments section below.

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