Mobile Legends Revamped Hanabi video reveals unique passive, extra mobility and more amazing effects

The most-anticipated Hanabi Hero revamp is underway!

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has given the first-look insight into the upcoming hero and skill revamp for the marksman hero, Hanabi on their official Twitter handle. It should be noted that in the 2021 ‘Reforge your Legend’ poll that was meant to let the players decide and vote on which hero should get a revamp soon, Hanabi emerged as the winner in such a poll.

Thus, the developers have finally resolved to fully revamp Hanabi’s looks and abilities. Let us check out what to expect in the upcoming Hanabi Hero Revamp in Mobile Legends.

Revamped Hanabi features unique passive, extra mobility with amazing skills and abilities in Mobile Legends

This first revamp review would focus mainly on the skills revamp coming up for Hanabi. The developers have decided to preserve Hanabi’s unique skill mechanics, while also buffing her skills and abilities to make her stronger in higher-ranked plays.

  • The developers intend to change the bounce effect from Hanabi’s first skill to become a new passive ability. This implies, that basic attacks and even skills will bounce or ricochet amongst enemy targets. Hence, the developers intend to make the bounce effect, permanent for Revamped Hanabi.
Mobile Legends Hanabi revamp
  • Apart from the new passive effect, the developers also intend to revamp Hanabi’s first skill. The shield formerly granted by her passive will now be shifted to her new first skill. This newly revamped first skill will also allow Hanabi to dodge enemy skill shots while granting her a shield, as well as control immunity. This will further increase the durability and mobility of Hanabi who formerly lacks these attributes.
Mobile Legends Hanabi revamp
  • Lastly, the developers do intend to keep the spread and crowd control mechanisms of Hanabi’s Ultimate ability. With the new bounce effect from her passive, Hanabi will now be able to easily hit and crowd control multiple enemy targets, while on the battlefield. The developers also intend to separate the spread damage and control effects from her ultimate into two different mechanisms. These new buffs to Hanabi’s ultimate ability would further increase the skill’s hit rate and prowess on the battlefield.

Final Thoughts

As this first phase of Revamped Hanabi preview, we sure are intrigued by these new changes to Hanabi’s skillset. Whilst we wait for other reveals as regards her revamped facials and skill visual effects, we sure do hope more buffs are made to this loved marksman hero.

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