Mobile Legends: Upcoming events of June 2021

An action-pumped week is expected in Mobile Legends!

As the 20th Season of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) comes to an end, Moonton, the Mobile Legends developer team has seemed to come up with an entire week of events, leading from the 7th of June up to the 14th of June. In this article, we will be briefly looking into the various upcoming events planned for this action-pumped week of June 2021 in Mobile Legends.

It is to be noted that all information in this article is correct as of 7 June 2021. Any of the events, including their information, duration, rewards etc. are subjected to changes without prior notice at any point in time.

Mobile Legends June 2021 Events

Kannagi’s Call (June 7th – June 13th)

Mobile Legends upcoming Events June 2021
Vale’s Kannagi Skin

Starting off the series events is the Kannagi’s Call event set to release on the 7th of June and will be made available to Mobile Legends’ players until the 13th of June, the same day as the Grand Finals of the MSC 2021. Based on the information we know of so far, this event is likely to be a draw event, with the first draw being free of charge for players. The top prize for this event, Vale’s Kannagi’s Call skin, which is guaranteed to be obtained by players within 8 draws or less in the event.

MSC 2021 (June 7th – June 13th)

Next up, the long-awaited Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) 2021 will be making its comeback this year after MSC 2020 was cancelled as a result of the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic, with the event lasting from the 7th of June till the 13th of June. The competition will start with Group Stage 1 from June 7-8. This will be followed by the Group Stage 2 event on the 9th of June, the Playoffs on June 11-13, and finally, the Grand Finals on the 13th of June.

MLBB Southeast Asia Cup MSC 2021
MSC 2021 will be making a comeback this year

The MSC 2021 prediction event that was previously released on Mobile Legends will allow players to complete daily challenges and even make their predictions for the MSC 2021 winner. This was done to gain MSC Coins which can be exchanged for various rewards such as the 2021 MSC Avatar Border, MSC Legends Return emote, Claude’s Inseparable Pair Sacred Statue, and even Claude’s Earth’s Mightiest hero skin!

Mega Diamonds Event (June 9th – June 14th)

From the date of June 9th to June 14th, the Mega Diamonds Event will be dropping in Mobile Legends. Players are said to be required to use 10 in-game diamonds in order to participate in this event. The full details of this event are still not revealed as yet.

Weekend Revelry Event (June 11th – June 13th)

Mobile Legends upcoming Events June 2021
Receive free rare skin fragments

Spanning from the 11th of June up to the 13th of June, the Weeknd Revelry event will be allowing participants to receive free Rare Skin Fragments for participating in the event. These Rare Skin Fragments can be exchanged for permanent skins in the Shop tab, under the ‘Fragments’ section at the bottom of the tab.

New Emote Event (June 11th – June 14th)

Continuing with our list, A new Emote Event from June 11th to the date of June 14th will be live, which will also release a new Battle Emote in Mobile Legends. It is believed that participants of this event can obtain the new Battle Emote by completing various tasks. The full details of this event, including the presented emote, are still not revealed as yet.

Skin Discounts (June 12th – June 14th)

This event lasting from June 12th to June 14th is set to have a 30% discount on Basic Skins. It is currently unclear whether these discounts will only apply to certain pre-selected skins or all basic skins as a whole.

KOF Recharge Gifts (June 12th- June 14th)

Mobile Legends upcoming Events June 2021
Get KOF Recharge Gifts

This event from the date of June 12th to June 14th will be for players who want to seize their last chances to obtain the ‘Leona’ skin at their 10th draw before the event ends on the 20th of June. In case the player already owns the ‘Leona’ skin, it will be replaced with another Epic skin. Recharge tasks will also be available for players to get free KOF Stamps that can be used to redeem free KOF Lotteries. It is also believed that the maximum total possible amount of KOF Stamps that can be obtained are 17. The tasks are believed to also be similar to the previous KOF Bingo Round event which gave participants KOF Stamps in exchange of in-game diamond recharges and spendings.

Hero Revamp and Skin Discount (June 15th – June 20th)

Along with the release of Lunox’s new skin is the implementation of the previously announced Hero Revamps in Mobile Legends as part of Phase 2 of Project NEXT 2021 which will see a revamp of Karina, Alpha and Minotaur. Additionally, a Skin Discount event will also be available during this period. Although further information regarding this Skin Discount event is currently unavailable, it is believed that these will be pre-selected skins that will be going on discount.

MSC 2021 – MVP Hero Skins 30% Off (June 18th – June 20th)

Following the conclusion of MSC 2021, with Execration from the Philippines being crowned as the winner, Mobile Legends will be releasing a time-limited event where selected skins will be going on discount with 30% Off its original pricing. The details of this event including the skins that will be presented are currently unknown.

Magic Chess Themed Draw (June 18th – June 20th)

Magic Chess Beginner's guide
Magic Chess

Magic Chess players – rejoice! Mobile Legends will be releasing a special Magic Chess Themed Draw from the 18th to the 20th of June. During this draw, it is believed that players will be able to participate to win assets that can be used in the Magic Chess game mode. The details of this event including the assets that will be presented are currently unavailable.

Invite Friends Back to Win Diamonds (June 18th – June 20th)

An upcoming event worth looking out for allows players to win in-game Diamonds for inviting their friends back to the game! It will be a great chance for players to win these Diamonds that can be used throughout the game to purchase heroes, skins and participate in many other events such as Draws. The requirements for this event are currently unavailable.

What are your thoughts on the new upcoming events in Mobile Legends for this week of June 2021? Let us know in the comments below!

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