Mobile Legends: How to get Claude MSC 2021 skin for free

Complete Daily Tasks to obtain the skin!

Mobile Legends have launched the MLBB Southeast Asia Cup tournament with a grand pool of prizes for the participants to compete for. Alongside the ESports tournament, it has also launched events and in-game rewards for non-participant players in the game. Among the variety of in-game rewards, the best one out of them is Claude skin “Earth Mightiest”. In this article, we have worked out how actually we can get Claude MSC 2021 skin for free in Mobile Legends. So, let us get into the details of the event and how to obtain the skin.

How to get MSC coins in Mobile Legends

The game will have the task under the MSC Tournament Pass every day. By completing the task, one can obtain MSC coins. These coins can be exchanged for various in-game rewards including the Earth Mightiest skin of Claude.

How to get Mobile Legends Claude MSC skin for free

Completing Daily Tasks

The tournament pass would have an array of daily tasks for the players. The tasks are quite simple, which includes Login, Sharing the event or playing games. By completing the tasks, we can get a total of 90 MSC coins daily. The event will be held for 13 days, therefore a total of 1170 MSC coins can be obtained from completing the set of daily tasks.

Mobile Legends Claude MSC 2021 skin
Rules to receive MSC coins to get Claude Skin


One can preorder in the game to instantly get 50 MSC coins. Adding to that, 50 more can be obtained on the 7th of June, 2021. Again on the 12th of June 2021, one can get 100 MSC coins via the in-game mail. A total of 200 MSC coins can be obtained from preorder/pre-registration.

Guessing the Winner

Guessing correctly the winner of the match will win 610 MSC coins. Even if the guess is wrong, 100 MSC coins will be given. Therefore, if one guesses the winner correctly, a total of 1980 (1170+200+610) MSC coins can be obtained which can easily be used to exchange for Claude skin of Earth Mightiest from the store. This skin requires 1800 MSC coins.

Mobile Legends Claude MSC 2021 skin
Mobile Legends MSC exchange store

Therefore, we would suggest holding on to your MSC coins till the end of the tournament. If your luck is good enough in guessing the correct winner, you can get this super cool skin of Claude. Alternatively, one can buy the Season Pass (Premium) to obtain an extra amount of 1370 MSC coins or buy the skin directly using the diamonds.

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