Mobile Legends upcoming optimization to improve the gameplay experience

Upcoming Optimizations and Adjustments

Recently Moonton has provided us valuable information about their upcoming patch in a tweet, which increases the gameplay optimization of Mobile Legends. In the recent update, the MLBB devs have curated whole new ways to reduce lags and game freeze. In this new video, they have explained the possible difference between the new version with the old version.

Mobile Legends in-game optimization

In the latest optimization of Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Moonton tried to increase the performance of the game in 5 different aspects. Let us have a brief overlook.

1. Performance enhancement

So recently they have introduced the Big Data system to their existing algorithm. It means, it now can store and analyze a vast number of player data and information. The enhanced algorithm will recommend personalized settings that are best for your device model.

Mobile Legends Peroformance Optimization

This will significantly boost the overall performance as now the data will not be stored in your phone memory directly. It will also reduce the data and memory allocation cost thus reducing the stuttering issue and boosting the FPS.

2. Improved loading efficiency

Mobile Legends Loading Optimization

Match loading speed of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has always been an issue for most of the players. It has come to notice, many players, as well as streamers, complaining about it. With the ongoing optimization, the loading is now faster.

3. In-game download efficiency

This one is the most desired fix everyone wanted. The complaints were mostly from the mobile data users where the download was extremely slow and laggy. Now, in the new update, they will change the whole architecture. If you wanna play a classic game just download the classic game resources and the game will run smoothly.

Mobile Legends Download Efficiency

Not only this, the algorithm now decides on its own which visual resources will work best for your device and downloads the specific package only, hence reducing the game data and increasing the download speed.

4. Game crash optimization

Many players were also complaining about this issue for a long time and the devs came out with a very useful solution for this. They have divided the download package for different kinds of devices.

Mobile Legends in-game crash Optimization

When you’ll download the game from the play store, the system will automatically decide which download package will best while running on your device and will directly download and install it. This will be a very good solution for the game crash issue as it will download and install the best package that will run on your device smoothly.

5. Upgraded re-connection issue

Sometimes because of some certain reasons you get disconnected from the match and while reconnecting it takes a long time, making you lose the match. To solve this issue they have optimized the reconnection system. Surprisingly, it now takes you directly to the battlefield without taking you to the home screen. This increases the loading speed hence reducing the reconnection time.


According to Moonton, all these new updates will soon be available but there is no announcement regarding the dates yet. We will eagerly wait for these updates to appear as fast as possible and we will keep you updated about the game in every way possible.

What is your opinion about the recent optimization of Mobile Legends? Thus do you think MLBB is heading in the correct direction? Let us know in the comment section below!

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someone please tell me where is the option for performance optimization located in MLBB..

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