Mobile Legends: Upcoming Skins and Events for October 2021

Get ready for all new Mobile Legends content!

With the month of September coming to an end very soon, the month of October is just around the corner, which is expected to bring along lots of exciting new content to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. This includes the October 2021 Starlight Pass and much more content, including various skins and events, believed to be coming to Mobile Legends in the month of October, all of which will be covered in this article. Read on to find out more!

It is important to note that official confirmation from MOONTON Games or the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang developer team regarding the actual release of some of the skins and events in this article is yet to be released and they are subjected to changes with prior notice.

Mobile Legends October 2021: Upcoming skins and events

October 1 – October 2021: Starlight Pass

Mobile Legends October 2021 skins and events
October 2021 exclusive Starlight Skin: Brody’s ‘Lethal Fang’

First up on our list, the October 2021 Starlight Pass will bring along lots of rewards for players purchasing the month’s Starlight Pass. The October 2021 exclusive Starlight Skin is expected to be Brody’s “Lethal Fang”. Many more rewards including skins, emotes, Sacred Statues etc., just like those available in previous Starlight Passes, are expected to also be made available for Starlight Pass holders as they progress through the Starlight levels.

October 5: Harley Collector Skin

Harley’s “Dream Caster” is expected to be October’s Collector skin, which will be made available in the Grand Collection event on October 5, 2021, in Mobile Legends. It is believed that players will be able to obtain this skin through the Grand Collection event mainly using Grand Collection Tickets, which players can receive for completing certain tasks such as logging in to the game or topping up a certain amount of in-game Diamonds. Alternatively, just like previous Grand Collection events, it is expected that players can also use in-game Diamonds or Crystal of Auroras in this event. 

Mobile Legends October 2021 skins and events
Harley Collector Skin

Other skins that will also be available include Kimmy’s “Astrocat” and Zilong’s “Changbanpo Commander”. Dream Caster will be the next Collector skin following Aldous’ “Realm Watcher” Collector skin in September 2021.

October 11: 7 Available Arcade Modes Live

Next up, moving on to the MLBB’s Arcade Mode, an all-new schedule is expected to release from October 11 to 15 of 2021, making all 7 available Arcade Modes live at the same time.

Mobile Legends October 2021 skins and events
October 2021: 7 Arcade Modes

The list of the 7 available Arcade Modes and their live duration in-game are as follows:

  • Mayhem Mode (September 27 to October 15)
  • Brawl Mode (October 1 to October 15)
  • Chess-TD Mode (October 3 to October 15)
  • Shadow Brawl Mode (October 3 to October 15)
  • Survival: Nexus Mode (October 7 to October 15)
  • Mirror Mode (October 9 to October 15)
  • Ravage Mode (October 11 to October 15)

The schedule and availability of all the Arcade Modes listed above are subject to changes by MOONTON without prior notice.

October 23: Helcurt Scorpio Zodiac Skin

Helcurt’s “Scorpio” Zodiac Skin is also expected to make a return to Mobile Legends on October 23 as the next Zodiac Skin being made available in-game. 

Mobile Legends October 2021 skins and events
Helcurt Scorpio Zodiac Skin

 It is believed that players will be able to obtain this skin through the Zodiac Summon event mainly using Crystal of Aurora to increase their Star Power, with players typically gaining 1-5 Star Power upon each summon, with a slight possibility that players receive 100 Star Power on a single draw and therefore obtaining the skin. Alternatively, just like previous Zodiac Summon events, it is expected that players can also use in-game Diamonds in this event. 

Helcurt’s “Scorpio” Zodiac Skin will be the next Zodiac Skin available in-game following Lunox’s “Libra” Zodiac Skin.

Aamon’s Release

The long-awaited release of Assassin hero Aamon, the Duke of Shards, is projected to take place in October 2021. Previously released in the game’s Advanced Server, the new hero is said to be the brother of the renowned Assassin Gusion. This is evident from them being closely similar in terms of their appearance as well as the playstyle. 

Aamon Mobile Legends Skills Overview
Aamon in Mobile Legends (Image via MOONTON Games)

Aamon has mixed damage-dealing abilities through his basic attacks and skills. The proper use of his skills becomes very critical just like Gusion, with a pro player being able to carry the whole team using Aamon. His extremely high mobility also makes him a dangerous hero to take on for enemies.

While there has not been any confirmation by MOONTON Games about his release, Aamon is projected to release in October 2021, with this date being subjected to changes without prior notice.

What are your thoughts about the October 2021 skins and events in Mobile Legends? Let us know in the comments below!

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