MONOPOLY GO! April 2024: List of Events, Tournaments, and Rewards

What's in store this month?

MONOPOLY GO! is a modern-day rendition of the classic board game we all know and love that retains the essence of buying, selling, constructing, and collecting rent on real estate. Be it the game’s fantastic events for players or shortcuts to get more Dice Rolls to fill their bags with freebies such as Money, let me tell you, the game doesn’t fail to impress. Considering the variety of events and tournaments that occur each month, including some mini-events featuring amazing rewards and multipliers, the opportunities to get rewards are plenty. Keeping them in mind, let me map out the events and tournaments that are coming this April 2024 in MONOPOLY GO!

MONOPOLY GO April 2024 Events and Tournaments

Each event and tournament will include a series of mini-events to give you extra rewards, which is a common feature we often encounter. Mega Heist, Free Parking Cash event, Cash GrabRent FrenzyHigh Roller, and others are examples. You will also have Quick Wins and Daily Treats features, which offer additional rewards.

Make sure to keep an eye on the main menu section to catch any mini-games that could earn you extra rewards. It’s a great way to maximize your benefits and enjoy more of what the game has to offer.


Here is a compilation of the events that have arrived or are scheduled for April 2024.

1. Egg-cellent Easter

Monopoly Go Egg-Cellent Easter Event Cover
Image via Scopely

Rewarding double tokens with Mega Heist came Egg-cellent Easter which offered 50 Milestones that rewardde 13,845 dice rolls.

2. Palace Parade

Palace Parade was the next solo event, that gave players 15,645 dice rolls on completion of 42 Milestones.

3. Fountain Partners

The partners event for the month arrived with Fountain Partners offering plenty of rewards alongside MONOPOLY fun.

4. Pillar Prize Tour

Pillar Prize Tour Event was next in line, which arrived running parallel to the partners event with 48 Milestones with 15,180 dice rolls on offer.

5. Sphinx Scramble

Monopoly Go Sphinx Scramble
Image via Scopely

Sphinx Scramble had an Egyptian theme surrounding it, bringing 14,605 dice rolls and over 1000 Partner Tokens on completion of 49 Milestones.

6. Altruistic Auction

With 41 Milestones with 16,725 dice rolls on offer, the Altruistic Auction solo event comes after the end of the Fountain Partners event.


Below is the list of tournaments that arrived or are scheduled in April 2024.

1. Easter Egg Hunt

The first, celebrating Easter was the Easter Egg Hunt tournament which gave us 30 Milestones with 4170 dice rolls on offer.

2. Carrot Contest

MONOPOLY GO Carrot Contest cover
Image via Scopely

Carrot Contest was next in line with 30 Milestones we will get 4170 dice rolls on offer

3. Bunny Hop Tournament

Bunnies arrived with 25 Milestones, with 3440 dice rolls on offer thanks to Bunny Hop Tournament.

4. Double Decker Derby

Double Decker Derby was next in line, which offered 30 Milestones with 6990 dice rolls.

5. Marble Trouble

Marble Trouble introduced us to a 30 Milestones rewarding set with 4420 dice rolls on offer.

6. Carve and Conquer

Monopoly Go Carve and Conquer Tournament Cover, MONOPOLY GO April 2024 Tournaments
Image via Scopely

Carve and Conquer arrived with 30 Milestones with 4420 dice rolls.

7. Eternal Games

Eternal Games brought us 30 Milestones, with 4,420 dice rolls and around 1000 Fountain Partners tokens on offer.

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