MONOPOLY GO! Robo Partners Event! All you need to know

Partners event is back!

Another month arrives and there is no stopping the popular casual title MONOPOLY GO! churning out fantastic events for players this May 2024 to get more Dice Rolls to fill their bags with freebies. While the events and tournaments are part of the game’s usuals, the most hype is created by the Partners event, because, for us players, this is a huge deal since it gives way too many rewards while allowing you to play and earn with your friends. One such event that gets its eyes set on MONOPOLY GO is the Robo Partners. I know you are as curious as I am, but for the same, let me guide you through all the crucial details regarding participation, achievement of milestones, and earning rewards in this upcoming event. Now let’s get right into it!

Robo Partners Event in MONOPOLY GO!

Each month, teaming up with friends and fellow players in a Partners co-op event means we have the chance to win prizes and increase their rewards. These special multiplayer events turn normal gameplay into a collaborative experience for players working together to collect themed prizes and cash.

All they need to do is grab a partner or a few and get ready to spin their way to victory, which I’ve been having fun with for a long time in such partner events making new friends on the way. Similarly, the Robo Partners will work, allowing players to team up with friends for daily events and earn top rewards.

Once again, players must select friends from their list to be partners and engage with them to participate in the event. The MONOPOLY GO Robo Partners event will be starting this May 17th and concluding on May 21, 2024, so running for a total of 5 days like every event.

MONOPOLY GO! Robo Partners Tips

Once partners are added, they cannot be changed, remember this. Players can utilize in-game features by adding friends or exploring external forums and Discord groups to find and add partners. I see the only way to earn maximum is with the strategic distribution of points with each partner, teamwork, and consistent participation. This way you can aim to maximize rewards and progress through the event’s milestones efficiently.

MONOPOLY GO Robo Partners Event
Image via Scopely

To get free Robo Tokens in the Robo Partners event, engage in ongoing events and tournaments within the game, hitting milestones to earn Robo Tokens. Additionally, complete daily quick win tasks for additional rewards. Keep a keen eye on these opportunities to gather Robo and make the most of the parade. Once you’ve collected 20 Robo or more, tap the Robo icon and select a multiplier to spin the wheel.

Higher multipliers require more Robo but offer larger point rewards. I always recommend opting for multipliers, regardless of the number, as they enhance the chance of boosting your rewards. However, this strategy should be implemented once you’ve amassed enough Robo Tokens to march forth.

MONOPOLY GO! Parade Partners: Milestones and Rewards

Although this could change anytime, we have some amazing rewards on offer. As per what is shared, I see that we should prepare for action by aiming to gather 80,000 points per partner slot since the rewards are pretty generous.

Completing all four slots unlocks various rewards, with the Grand Prize getting you the exclusive Robo Penguin board token, which I haven’t heard of before along with the Dice Rolls. But I’m not sure whether Wild Stickers are part of the final milestone. Each tier offers different rewards, all requiring 80,000 points for each partner slot.

MilestonePoints RequiredRewards Earned
12500200 Dice Rolls
28500Cash Prize
321500200-300 Dice Rolls
Cash Prize
448000High Roller Boost
300-500 Dice Rolls
4-Star Blue Sticker Pack
580000Cash Prize
400-600 Dice Rolls
5-Star Purple Sticker Pack

What are you waiting for? It’s time to start searching for partners, or else you won’t be able to enhance your Monopoly Go strategy and seize all the rewards up for grabs!

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